Car rental in Palermo

With Sicily by Car, you can easily rent a car in Palermo at any of the main arrival points in the city (airport, port or train station). Book now!

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Our offices

To savour every minute of your stay in Palermo, one of the most popular destinations in Italy, you should rent a car that allows you to tailor your itinerary. Sicily by Car is in Palermo with three car rental agencies. Our car fleet is constantly renewed and includes the latest generation vehicles suitable for any need: a short stay lasting a few days, a weekend with a convertible under the aegis of freedom with the wind in your hair, a business trip, or even a long stay with your family. We also have a wide selection of cars with automatic transmission, commercial vans (available in both unlimited and limited mileage formulas) and 9-seater vans.

Palermo airport

Car rental office inside the Falcone e Borsellino International Airport (PMO), a stopover located in the hamlet of Cinisi Punta Raisi just over 30 kilometres from Palermo, in a strategic position for exploring Western Sicily.

Palermo port

Car rental office in Via Mariano Stabile 6/A a few hundred metres from the entrance to the port of Palermo, one of the most important landings in the entire Mediterranean Sea for the traffic of goods and passengers.

Palermo central station

Car rental office in Via Napoli 90 near the Central Station in the heart of the city of Palermo, the main railway hub of the city, where a direct lines to the airport and various metropolitan railway services branch off. This office, like the previous one, is ideal for visiting the historic centre.

Our offices in Palermo

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    Car hire in Palermo with a debit card?

    As a rule, the basic requirement for renting a car is a credit card in the driver and contract holder's name. However, you may find it useful to know that car rental with a debit card is available in Palermo. This formula is subject to specific terms and conditions that we invite you to take note of.

    Rental solutions

    Monthly rental

    Among the rental solutions we offer, the monthly rental is particularly appealing to those whose priority tends to need a longer rental rather than greater mileage. For all bookings over 26 and up to 90 days, you can view the pricing every month with limited mileage. Request a quote now!

    Car rental for novice drivers

    The minimum age to rent a vehicle is 23 years, however, even customers aged between 19 and 22, can hire a car with the payment of a daily supplement. In any case, it is necessary to have owned a driving licence for at least one year and one day. Read the complete policy about this.

    How much does it cost to hire a car?

    The daily cost to hire a car in Palermo can vary considerably depending on the vehicle category, the time of year and the overall duration of the rental. Taking into consideration the rental of a small car (group B) for one day, these are the reference values: off-peak season (October, November, January, February) from a minimum of € 10 to a maximum of € 25; midseason (December, March, April) from € 20 to € 35; peak season (May to September) from € 35 to € 50.

    Period Daily price
    Off peak season 10-25 €
    Midseason 25-35 €
    Peak season 35-50 €

    Read some of our tips for a more informed rental, you will receive advice on how to save on the overall cost and avoid unpleasant inconveniences.

    Palermo in short

    Palermo is the Sicilian capital, where different civilisations have alternated over the centuries, leaving behind an immense historical-cultural heritage, whose variety and stratification is hardly equal in the world. Consider that since 2015 various monumental assets have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This city, however, has not only its artistic and architectural wonders to offer, but it is the ideal starting point to travel miles and miles of splendid coasts of golden and fine sand alternating with unexpectedly wild cliffs.

    If you love art, culture, the enchanting landscapes of the Sicilian hinterland, Palermo will not disappoint you, rent a car and go with us!

    The ZTL in Palermo

    The general road traffic rules are those in force in Italy. We remind you that in Palermo, as in other large Italian city centres, the ZTL (Limited Traffic Zone) is in force. This is an environmental protection measure, which aims to reduce vehicular traffic to offer citizens and tourists better livability of the areas concerned. To avoid administrative fines, we advise you to get informed in time on the website of the Municipality of Palermo about the prohibitions on the access of cars in these areas.

    Our electric cars allow free circulation in areas subject to ZTL, consider that, if you want to visit the historic centre without going too far from the city, an electric vehicle could be the ideal choice. The vehicle's recharge is included in the cost of the rental!

    Short-term or monthly rental of car and commercial vans. Book online and pick up your vehicle in one of our offices in all over Italy. Even without a credit card!