Car rental in Palermo Central Station

Car rental has been made easy and advantageous in Palermo with Sicily by Car. Book your car and rediscover the pleasure of driving on Sicilian roads rich in history and breathtaking landscapes.

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Car rental in Palermo Central Station

Our rental office is strategically located in the heart of the city: the central station is the main city railway junction from which the underground lines and the direct line to the airport depart. For your car rental, you can also find us in two other agencies in Palermo: near the port and inside the Falcone and Borsellino international airport about 30 km from the town of the Sicilian capital.

How to reach our office

If you want to rent a car in the city right in the famous historic centre of Palermo, our office located near the central station via Napoli is the ideal solution. You can easily reach us along via Roma, the main artery of the city facing the central station. Via Napoli is a side street near Teatro Biondo, Palermo's historic theatre. At the end of the rental, when you bring the vehicle back to our agency, these are the directions to reach us from where you are.

Available vehicles

Whether you are a manager or travelling with a group of friends, in our Palermo offices you will find a vehicle that will adapt perfectly to every need.

If your needs mainly concern space, you can rent a station waggon or a 9-seater minibus. If you want to look good at a business meeting, our top-of-the-range cars are the perfect solution.

The chaos of the city will probably make you lean towards a small car, but you could also consider renting an electric car and exploring the alleys full of history, traditions and culture, aboard an ultra-modern but totally environmentally friendly vehicle. When you are driving, breathe the salty air of the splendid Sicilian coasts and experience that sense of freedom that only our convertible cars can give to your holiday.

Have you still not found what you are looking for? Our fleet includes even more vehicles: saloons, trendy SUVs, a large selection of vehicles with automatic transmission and even commercial vans. All you have to do is choose one and travel with us!

Car hire with a debit card

This solution is preferred by those who do not have a personal credit card to provide at the counter to collect the selected vehicle during the booking process. Compulsory coverage is required to reduce/eliminate the responsibility for theft and damage. Does this work for you? Read more!

One way rental in Palermo

You will certainly be interested in the fact that the collection and return of a vehicle at any of the city stations is free from surcharges. You got it right! If you collect a vehicle at Palermo airport and you need to return it to the city, or vice versa, there will be no surcharges. This will only be applied in the case of a one-way trip outside Palermo.

Office Cost
Palermo Airport (PMO)Free
Palermo HarborFree
Other stationsExtra charge

Can a novice driver hire a vehicle?

Car hire for novice drivers is included in our rental terms and conditions. You can hire a car if you are at least 19 years old and have had a licence issued for more than a year (over one year and one day specifically).

Our extra covers

Spending a carefree stay in Palermo will allow you to savour the best this city has to offer. Our optional covers will protect you from any unpleasant unforeseen events. Find out more!

Visiting Palermo means immersing yourself in a timeless atmosphere where cultural and artistic contamination has given rise to a unique reality of peoples and peoples, making it the city of hospitality and multiculturalism. Renting a car in our office in via Napoli will let you immediately savour the unique charm of the historic centre of Palermo where ancient churches, historic palaces, noble residences, nineteenth-century convents and oratories, mysterious crypts and spectacular squares alternate without stopping along the axis of via Maqueda and, again, along Corso Vittorio Emanuele where you will come across the famous 4 Canti of the city, one of the most famous city crossroads in the world.

The seaside

As soon as you have collected your vehicle, we advise you to make a stop in Piazza Marina to visit the prisons of the Inquisition at Palazzo Steri and to savour the local gastronomy in the many refreshment points that are located in the square or surrounding alleys, full of fun shops, local crafts and creative workshops. You can continue through the grandiose Porta Felice, which will give you immediate access to the promenade of the Foro Italico and the amazing marina populated by countless boats on the sea.

Nearby, the Botanical Garden is worth a mention. It is a rare and exceptional site, renowned for its size and enchanting beauty.

The shopping streets and nightlife

If you are looking for shopping then your destination is via Libertà, the “living room of Palermo”, once full of refined Liberty villas and, continuing, via Ruggero Settimo with fashion and luxury brands. Finally, in the evening, let yourself be overwhelmed by the city nightlife, a set of lights, colours, flavours and a wave of energy from which you will be pleasantly overwhelmed. The coolest quadrilateral in Palermo is located between via Isidoro La Lumia and Via Gaetano Daita. For the youngest, it is worth taking a night trip to Piazza Sant'Anna and the Vucciria to "stay late" between music and good food.

The surroundings

From Palermo it is also easy to reach numerous tourist resorts: Bagheria with its aristocratic villas and the famous Villa Palagonia, better known as the villa of the Monsters; Cefalù, or, on the opposite side, the seaside villages of Mondello, Sferracavallo and Terrasini.

However, you will not be able to leave without the "blessing" of Santa Rosalia, the patron saint of the city and venerated with great devotion by the people of Palermo. Climb to Monte Pellegrino, where you will enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the entire Gulf of Palermo and reach the sanctuary on top of the mountain. You will enter a spectacular cave, which has now become a consecrated church and, between folklore and religiosity, you will capture the true soul of Palermo!

Car rental has been made easy and advantageous in Palermo with Sicily by Car. Book your car and rediscover the pleasure of driving on Sicilian roads rich in history and breathtaking landscapes.