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10 things to know before booking

1. Credit card

When renting a car, the first thing you need to know is that you must have a credit card in the main driver's name as a guarantee for the rental. A credit card is mandatory but, if you don't have one, you can evaluate our rental formula without credit card.

2. Book in advance

Rates vary continuously, sometimes even within the same day. The ideal time to book with us is approximately 3-4 months before you collect your car.

Apart from the economic convenience, consider that car availability may run out quickly especially in high season and grabbing the right vehicle for your needs in time can only be the best choice.

Book on our website now! In the event of an unforeseen event, you can cancel without penalty within 72 hours before picking up the vehicle.

3. Choose the rate with an online payment

The best rate is always the one with online payment. Online booking can be made with any card used for online payment, the credit card in the driver's name is compulsorily required only for the vehicle's collection.

4. Delays and extra days

Remember that a delay of more than an hour compared to the expected return triggers the charge of an extra day of rental. Similarly, during the booking phase: a hypothetical booking with a collection at 6.00 pm and return at 7:00 pm the following day will be counted by our systems as two days of rental. It is up to you to organise yourself so as not to stumble upon these borderline cases.

5. Request an agreement

If you have a company or a VAT number, you can ask us to activate a dedicated agreement and travel throughout Italy with exclusive discounts and benefits.

6. One-way rental

One-way rental, i.e. with delivery to a different office than the collection one, involves an additional cost in all car rentals. However, to allow you to plan your itineraries more freely, the return to another office, as long as it is within the same city, is free of charge.

It will not constitute an additional expense, for example, to collect a car at Palermo airport and return it to one of our offices in the centre of Palermo or vice versa.

7. Consider renting an electric vehicle

Have you thought of taking a few days to calmly visit the historic centre of one of Italy's many art cities? If in the planned stages you have not included trips out of town with a significant distance, then choosing an electric vehicle could represent a big saving.

Electric vehicles circulate and, in some cases, park for free in the Italian ZTLs. In this way, you will avoid certain costs for access tickets in these areas and also the unpleasant chance of running into administrative fines.

If you also consider that with Sicily by Car charging at the columns is free, you have more than one reason to evaluate the green rental.

Safe and eco-sustainable mobility is a cornerstone of our corporate strategy. Sicily by Car is among the first car rentals to have offered electric vehicles and, over time, has largely confirmed its environmental mission.

8. Keep an eye on offers

Our social channels are the best way to keep track of all the offers that are periodically addressed to our customers. Scrolling down any page of our site, you will find all the links in the footer.

Furthermore, when you are about to complete a reservation, tick the box and give your consent to receive commercial communications: it will be another great way to stay in touch with us and not miss any of the opportunities for a more advantageous rental.

9. Check carefully which countries you can travel in

In our constantly updated rental information, the countries where the circulation of our vehicles is allowed are indicated. Driving in any of the other countries is absolutely prohibited and means assuming the full economic consequences in the event of damage and/or theft, even in the event of insurance cover. Consider this aspect carefully and carefully avoid exposing yourself to this risk.

10. Choose a cover to eliminate or reduce your damage/theft penalty

I am a cautious driver, why should I choose extra cover? The question is legitimate, the covers certainly involve an additional cost compared to a simple rental.

However, our optional coverages are a way to protect you from eventualities that, otherwise, would remain at your expense. In the event of damage, in the event of taking out our coverage, you can rely on the fact that your liability has been reduced or entirely eliminated.

Among other things, choosing this option reduces the amount of the security deposit, consequently, a high amount will not be blocked on your credit card.

We invite you to carefully read the details of our additional coverages to peacefully evaluate the cost/benefit ratio. It is priceless to prevent unpleasant setbacks and guarantee you a good vacation.

Short-term or monthly rental of car and commercial vans. Book online and pick up your vehicle in one of our offices in all over Italy. Even without a credit card!