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Our car rental office inside the Trieste airport is the best way to visit the splendour of Trieste and its surroundings. Choose your vehicle!

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Rental car in Trieste Ronchi dei Legionari airport

The airport of Trieste is the biggest civil airport in Friuli Venezia Giulia. It is located in Ronchi dei Legionari municipality. It's 33 kilometres from the centre.

How to reach our office

Our office is located right inside the airport, in the arrivals hall, just after the baggage claim doors on the left. For the return of your car, you can instead follow the signs to reach us from where you are, you will find us in no time.

Available vehicles

To savour every minute of your stay in Trieste, rent a car that allows you to tailor your itinerary. Our car fleet is constantly renewed and includes the latest generation vehicles suitable for any need: a short stay lasting a few days, a weekend with a convertible under the aegis of freedom with the wind in your hair, a business trip, or even a long stay with your family. We also have a wide selection of cars with automatic transmission, commercial vans (available in both unlimited and limited mileage formulas) and 9-seater vans

Customer's reviews

R. Notarangelo

Very happy with the service, as someone who regularly hires cars in Italy. I was pleased to see no pressure to pay for extra insurance. And the checkin-checkout process was very quick with very friendly staff.

J. Van Aelst

Efficient and very friendly! The reservation was made in a very smooth way. Clear information on the website. Same for the pick up of the car.

G. de Witte

Very friendly service, free upgrade, and quick handover when we returned the car at the airport.


Car was good and clean and ready. SBC staff spoke English which helped. I was particularly obliged to the employee who fixed up the connection of my smart phone to the display consul so I could us satnav.

D. Acimovic

Fast reception of car, we even received an upgrade of the car class, Return of car was also quick done without any issues, like you would wish on vacation.


SBC staff was fast, efficient, professional, pleasant, and smart. We were very pleased with the entire process. All issues were resolved quickly. We saw other clients who were similarly impressed.

A short-term car rental requires that, as a guarantee for the rental, a credit card in the main driver's name is always shown when collecting the car. Renting with a debit card allows the customer to collect the vehicle even with a debit card, an ATM or a rechargeable card as long as it is nominal and equipped with a chip, IBAN and relative PIN code. Therefore, when choosing the vehicle, you can select payment by debit card, but first we invite you to read our policy.

Monthly car rental

Sicily by Car is not just for short-term rental. If you need a vehicle for more than 26 days, our limited mileage monthly rental might be right for you. You can choose between 1500, 2500 and 4,000 kilometres per month and extend the contract duration up to a maximum of 3 months.

Optional covers

Our goal is to provide you with fast yet quality service. We are constantly committed to satisfying any type of need and making our rental solutions more flexible. Our optional extra covers will protect you from imponderable events, mishaps not covered by our standard protection package. Read the prospectus of our additional cover!

Return after hours

If you need to return your vehicle outside office hours, there is no problem. In Trieste our key box service is active. If your return will take place after office hours at our desk you can then leave the car keys and a copy of the rental contract in the box.

Information on the cost of a rental

We understand how difficult it is to find the cheapest rental solution that suits your needs. To help you find your way around the trend in car hire prices at Trieste airport, we will provide you with a concrete example of renting a city car (rent for a single day in the three periods of the reference year). Off-peak season refers to October, November, January, February; midseason December, March, April; peak season the months between May and September.

Period Daily price
Off peak season 10-25 €
Midseason 25-35 €
Peak season 35-50 €

Furthermore, reading the ten things to know before booking will allow you to make a truly informed choice and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Trieste a Central European hub

The city of Trieste is a hub of culture, population and traditions. Its history, strongly influenced by the Habsburg domination, and therefore by neighbouring Austria, has made the city a true melting pot of styles as befits the border cities. Trieste has its own charm, elegant and refined, Nordic atmosphere, and bright and sunny as only the seaside cities can boast.

The cold and sharp wind typical of the place, the Bora, gives an extra pretext for the usual and traditional attendance of the many literary cafes and historical bars that embellish the city while the port, among the largest and busiest in Italy, gives Trieste an undisputed commercial dimension of international prominence.

A door to the East

Walking through Trieste is a bit like staying suspended in between past and present where the reminiscences of a noble and lofty past present in the architecture of the many historic buildings of the city, blend with the modernity of the most advanced infrastructures. A strong contrast but perfectly successful. Here are the Austro-Hungarian and Slovenian influences evident throughout the city, and a mediaeval downtown and still a neoclassical district of the Austrian era, not to mention the archaeological remains of the Roman era. In this trilingual city that speaks Italian, Trieste and Slovenian, we begin our tour to discover the most authentic Trieste identity.

The heart of Trieste is its majestic and spectacular Piazza Unità d'Italia, three of its sides are adorned with beautiful white buildings – the Municipality of Trieste, the Palazzo della Giunta Regionale del Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Prefecture - while the fourth overlooks the sea. While in the centre of the square stands the eighteenth-century Fontana dei Quattro Continenti. In this elegant square, it is worth stopping in one of the most famous historical places: the Caffè degli Specchi which opened for business way back in 1839.

From the square, it is easy to reach the promenade for a beautiful walk that will give you unforgettable landscapes, from the Palazzi delle Rive to the Audace pier, named as such for the famous destroyer that moored here in 1918. Continuing along the pier you will reach the Revoltella Museum, a former noble residence converted into a gallery with a permanent exhibition of contemporary art. Extending for about 4,000 square metres, the site's peculiarity is the presence of antique, practically intact furnishings, inside the house: sumptuous lounges and private rooms, for a nineteenth-century tour in an interesting artistic antithesis to the works on display. At the top of the building, you can access the terrace and enjoy an extraordinary view of the entire city.

We return to the centre to enter the city, in its most historic part and immediately head to Piazza Borsa, the "second good living room" of the city characterised by an imposing neoclassical building today home to the Trieste Chamber of Commerce and the beautiful Fountain of Neptune dating back to 1700. A few steps further, you will find the Museo Civico d'Arte Orientale, a real journey to the East with wonderful Chinese and Japanese artefacts. Here you can admire the famous painting by Katsushika Hokusai "The Great Wave of Kanagawa".

A few streets later is an open-air show, the great Roman theatre built around the 1st century BC and still today home to performances with a capacity of about 3,500 seats. Also attributable to that period is the arch of Riccardo, close by, which adorns one of the historic squares of the city full of clubs and bars.

San Giusto is the protector of Trieste and the Castle and the city's cathedral are dedicated to him.

The Castle built by Frederick III of Habsburg in 1468 to house the Imperial Captain, was then surrounded along the entire perimeter by defensive walls once it returned to the possession of the Venetians. The fortress, where a tower has also been added, can still be visited up to the ramparts, where you can enjoy the view of the gulf and the entire city. On the top of the hill of San Giusto, there is the cathedral, the most important religious building in the city, built in 1300 with the merger of the Church of Santa Maria and the Church dedicated to the martyr San Giusto. The simple and rigorous façade is made of karst stone with a beautiful central rose window, the interior has 5th-century flooring and wonderful mosaics of Byzantine art.

Not far away, in Baroque style, is the Sanctuary of Santa Maria Maggiore, which contrasts with the simplicity of the basilica of San Silvestro, in Romanesque style, built in the twelfth century and as such, the oldest in Trieste.

Under Austrian rule Trieste experienced a particular urban development, thus the Teresian village was born, a typically Habsburg quarter of the city very dear to Maria Theresa of Austria.

Of very different epoch is the Ridero di San Sabba, a former rice warehouse converted into a Nazi camp – the only one in Italy - during the Second World War. Today the camp, declared a National Monument, is a museum of memory. In 1938, Trieste had over 6,000 residents of Jewish origin whose religious reference point was the city's synagogue, which was among the most beautiful and imposing in Italy.

We end the tour of beautiful Trieste with the nineteenth-century Castle of Miramare, one of the most famous attractions of the city. This building, overlooking the rocks, on the seafront of Trieste, was built as a princely residence of the Duke Maximilian of Habsburg and his wife Charlotte of Belgium. At this point we just have to wish you a good appetite with one of the many local delicacies, starting with Jota, the typical soup of the city.

Even Trieste's downtown, like that of many cities in Italy, has a ZTL (Limited Traffic Zone) extended to all four-wheeled vehicles. Therefore, in these areas only pedestrian access is allowed, except for authorised and 100% electric vehicles, the latter can also park for free on the blue stripes.

For further information, you can always consult the website of the Municipality of Trieste

Our car rental office inside the Trieste airport is the best way to visit the splendour of Trieste and its surroundings. Choose your vehicle!