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Car rental has been made easy and advantageous in Treviso with Sicily by Car. Book your car and rediscover the pleasure of driving on Sicilian roads rich in history and breathtaking landscapes.

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Rental car Treviso airport

Treviso Airport has been named after the famous architect Antonio Canova from Treviso since 2007 and is located just 3 km from Treviso (and about 30 km from Venice and Padua) near the Treviso suburb of Sant'Angelo. Together with Marco Polo Airport, it constitutes the Venetian Airport System, which is currently the third-largest Italian hub for annual passenger traffic.

How to reach our office

Reaching our car rental offices inside Treviso airport is practical and fast. We are inside the airport, immediately after the exit of the baggage claim. And to deliver the car at the end of the rental? All you need to do is follow the signs to reach us from where you are.

Available vehicles

Our office in Treviso offers a wide range of options for your car rental. If you need space, you can have a station wagon or a 9-seater minibus, but you will also find the ideal car for all other needs: private cars, SUVs, luxury cars, commercial vans and even electric vehicles. Charging of electric vehicles at our offices and parking in the city blue stripes are both free! If you are not used to driving with a manual transmission, you can choose from a wide selection of vehicles with automatic transmission. With our cars, you can rediscover the pleasure of a dynamic and brilliant guide and visit in absolute freedom not only every corner of the city but also its fascinating surroundings.

If you wish to hire a vehicle, you will need a credit card in the main driver's name. Sicily by Car still offers you the possibility to rent even with a debit card! Read the specific conditions dedicated to this rental formula and collect your car in Treviso.

Return after hours

If your return flight is early in the morning, you may be wondering with concern how you are going to return your rental car. Our key box service provides for the return of the vehicle in the absence of the counter operator. On your return, you can park the vehicle and store the keys and a copy of the rental agreement in a special box.

Additional services

To add comfort to your driving experience, you can choose additional optional accessories and covers for the vehicle in this office. Evaluate you the purchase well and travel easy aboard our cars!

Monthly rental

If the short-term rental of up to 26 days does not meet your needs, choose our monthly rental that can be extended up to 90 days. There are limited mileage rates that are ideal if you need one month, two months or three months of rental.

Information on the cost of a rental

Renting a car in Treviso is subject to rate changes depending on the period, the type of vehicle and the duration of the rental. To provide you with some reference information, let's take for example the rent for a day of a small car (group B): off peak season (October, November, January, February) from a minimum of € 10 to a maximum of € 25; mid-season (December, March, April) from € 20 to € 35; high season (May to September) from € 35 to € 50.

Period Daily price
Off peak season 10-25 €
Midseason 25-35 €
Peak season 35-50 €

You may also be interested in reading some of our tips for renting with greater awareness and getting useful ideas to save.

Whether it is your destination or the starting point of your trip, Treviso is sure to surprise you. Not among the most crowded and typical tourist haunts, the city is really a small treasure chest both for its artistic heritage and for the naturalistic glimpses of delicate beauty. Get ready to discover a delightful town where peace, quiet and tranquillity meet the energy and vitality of a young and industrious city.

The Venetian atmosphere

Treviso boasts very ancient origins, even pre-Romanesque, thanks to the abundance of streams and waterfalls that have favoured its urban development. Even today, the town is characterised by numerous canals that flow placidly in the downtown and emphasise the Venetian atmosphere.

Here you can stroll along the picturesque Buranelli Canal, a place where washerwomen used to go to clean their clothes, flanked by ancient buildings embellished by romantic florists, craft shops and typical restaurants.

Moving along the Cagnan canal, we find the island of Pescheria, one of the most fascinating places in the city. United, these three natural islands have hosted the fish market since 1850 and in the evening, they come alive in the light of trattorias and inns in a joyful and convivial atmosphere.

Urban architecture

Urban architecture is a real concentration of art and history that has left its testimonies since the Gothic era.

To get to know this beautiful city, start from the heart, in the downtown, i.e. from Piazza dei Signori, the city's living room surrounded by mediaeval and fifteenth-century buildings such as the Civic Tower, Palazzo dei Trecento (like the members of the Maggior Consiglio), and Palazzo del Podestà, now used as municipal offices.

Historic and elegant, the square stands out for its arcades and the presence of bars, cafes and refined shops. Also from the mediaeval period, we find the Loggia dei Cavalieri just a few steps away. This is a beautiful portico, a historical reference point of the city, which was also in past centuries for the meetings of the local notables.

Moving briefly we come across the National Museum Collezione Salce, a temple of modern design used to display interesting advertising posters from the beginning of the century. Continue on foot to Piazza San Leonardo to visit the Cà Spineda, one of the most beautiful and sumptuous Renaissance palaces in Treviso, perfectly restored, and returned to the splendour of its beautifully furnished and frescoed rooms.

Now, pass through Piazza San Vito, formerly known as Piazza delle Prigioni, and reach one of the city's symbolic monuments: the Fontana delle Tette (Fountain of Tits). Although this is a copy of the original, the work enjoys immense popularity boasting a history that dates back to 1559, when the mayor wanted to celebrate the end of a long period of drought.

Let's now visit Piazza del Duomo, named as such for the grandiose Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle that houses the painting of the Annunciation by Titian. It is also the centre of spiritual power for the Episcopal, residential seat of the bishop of Treviso and for the Romanesque Church of St. John that decorates one of the main and most elegant streets of Treviso: Calmaggiore. The latter comes across as the city's splendid living room packed with refined boutiques and mediaeval residences.

We also point out two churches of extraordinary interest: the church of San Nicolò and the austere and quiet Church of San Francesco, completed in the twelfth century where the sons of Dante Alighieri and Francesco Petrarca rest.

We conclude our tour with the city's green lung represented by the banks of the Natural Park of the Sile River, a beautiful trail, to be done also by bicycle, completely immersed in the lushest nature.

Treviso's downtown is delimited by the ZTL (Limited Traffic Zone), which limits vehicular traffic according to specific regulations. 100% electric vehicles may freely enter the ZTL. To be fully informed about the restrictions in this regard, please consult the Municipality of Treviso's website.

Car rental has been made easy and advantageous in Treviso with Sicily by Car. Book your car and rediscover the pleasure of driving on Sicilian roads rich in history and breathtaking landscapes.