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Rental car in Trapani near the port

Looking for a car rental in Trapani port You are in the right place. You can discover the city, on board of a Sicily by Car vehicle, all its beauties around, easily and safe.

How to reach our office

Our city office in Trapani is positioned strategically in Via Ammiraglio Staiti. It is almost equidistant from the port pier and the railway station making it easy to rent a car both for those arriving by ship and for those who prefer to travel by train.

Available vehicles

Our car rental agencies in Trapani are located in the priority access points in the city (airport, port and railway station). Our fleet includes a wide range of vehicles to flexibly adapt to the most diverse needs. You can choose between cars with manual or automatic transmission: city cars, sedans, SUVs, 9-seater minivans up to flagships and luxury cars. For those who, like us, care about environmental issues and eco-sustainable tourism, our electric cars are the perfect solution.

For a move or if your job involves the transport of heavy and bulky goods you can fully rely on our freight vans. Our vehicles will allow you to rediscover the pleasure of a dynamic and brilliant guide to discover Western Sicily.

In our office, you can also rent a car even with a debit card. To provide our customers with a more versatile and modern service, this rental solution is also available that allows the collection of the vehicle with a debit card, an ATM or a rechargeable one as long as nominal and equipped with chips, IBAN and its pin code. Read the terms and conditions.

Return of the vehicle to another office

You can pick up your car in the city and deliver it to our airport offices without paying any extra costs. Return to the airport is free! If you need to return to another city, a surcharge will apply.

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Trapani Airport (TPS)Free
Other stationsExtra charge

Car rental for novice drivers

Are you aged between 19 and 22? With Sicily by Car, you can hire a car in Trapani downtown from the age of 19 with a surcharge and as long as you have owned your driving licence for at least a year and a day.

Monthly car rental

If you need a vehicle for more than 26 days, consider our monthly limited-mileage rates! Our monthly rental is ideal for a minimum of 30 days up to a maximum of three months. The available ranges are 1,500, 2,500 and 4,000 km per month.

Optional service

Better not miss anything when you are away from home, we recommend that you always consider adding our extra accessories and optional coverage to your rental.

Being not particularly large, Trapani is really a small gem to explore and get to know, and it is not only its sea or the Egadi islands that make it an international tourist destination. Trapani has the gift of simplicity and beauty that give an authentic glimpse of pure Sicilianness.

City of light, wind and sea

What will immediately strike you, as soon as in Trapani, will be its promenade, an accessible port to everyone, welcoming, tidy and teeming with tourists ready to leave for the island destinations of Levanzo, Favignana and Marettimo. The promenade along the harbour offers a panorama between the sky and the sea where light and immense spaces will dazzle you with the power of their splendour.

Before entering the old town, stop at the Pepoli Regional Museum, located in the ancient convent of the Carmelites and today dedicated to the exhibition of important art collections including a vast collection of precious artefacts and coral jewels, the real red gold of Trapani, and the Treasure of Our Lady of Trapani. The building itself is a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture with a magnificently decorated staircase and a double loggia cloister.

Always before entering the city's heart you take a trip to the Alighieri seafront. This is where you will meet Piazza Mercato del Pesce, a circular arcade space that hosts the historic fisherman's market and their typical street voice weekly.

The square, enriched by the fountain of Aphrodite and an ancient paved floor, hosts summer theatrical events and venues of great attraction.

The old town

From here, through Via Torrearsa you enter the old town: you will immediately meet Palazzo Senatorio, better known as Palazzo Cavarretta, today the seat of the Municipality and symbol of the city. The historic building features a magnificent Baroque façade adorned with statues of the Madonna and Saints and the Clock Tower.

Just a few steps and you will reach the city's cathedral, dedicated to San Lorenzo. The church, a seventeenth-century building that has undergone successive modifications, houses an extraordinary Van Dyck Crucifixion.

Rich in noble palaces and ancient churches, we cannot fail to mention the Church of Purgatory in Trapani, more than a place of worship and a real institution for all Trapanians. The church, which deserves a visit just for its imposing and magnificent Baroque façade, houses 20 wooden statues that once a year are carried in procession during the function of the "Mysteries" of Trapani on Good Friday before Easter. It is one of the oldest and most famous religious traditions of the city that manages to fill each alley with thousands of people and notoriety that attracts tourists and journalists from all over the world.

Now let yourself be taken by the central axis of the ancient city, via Vittorio Emanuele, where local craft shops, restaurants and bars liven up the city lounge from aperitif until late at night. It is worth wandering through the many alleys until you reach via delle Arti. Here you will have the privilege of entering one of the oldest bars, Colicchia, which since 1885 has produced inimitable delights and a jasmine granita that will literally make you lose your mind! And now go ahead, walk to the extreme foothills of the city taking via Torre di Ligny and just before diving into the sea you will find the Museum of the Tower, practically lapped by waves. The Museum, inside a seventeenth-century watchtower, houses prehistoric finds and marine archaeology frequently found in the busy waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The salt pans of Trapani

It is time to move away just a few kilometres and reach the wonderful salt pans of Trapani, a spectacle of rare poetry where nature still offers an extraordinary spectacle of timeless beauty. The large tanks, which turn pink at sunset, welcome pink cranes and flamingos in the shade of the ancient mills. Here you can visit the Salt Museum to discover an ancient maritime tradition.

To conclude your tour in Trapani you just have to take a cable car and from the sea climb up to the mountains to the beautiful Erice, a mediaeval village famous in the world that will take you through its narrow alleys until you reach the balio with its Castle of Venus from where you will have the emotion to look at one of the most spectacular views ever: countryside, salt pans and Egadi islands in one glance.

What are you waiting for? Visit Sicily in complete autonomy onboard a car rented from one of our offices in Trapani!

Book online now and get the best price for your car rental in Trapani downtown! Sicily by Car is your perfect solution for your every need, ask for a quote now!