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Rent your car, upon your arrival you can simply collect it at our offices in Trapani Birgi airport, in the heart of the airport! Choose your dates to get an immediate quote!

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Rental car Trapani-Birgi airport

Birgi airport, named after Vincenzo Florio, a well-known Italian entrepreneur and politician, is located 17 kilometres from Trapani and together with the Falcone-Borsellino airport of Palermo, constitutes the aeronautical hub of Western Sicily. It is the ideal choice for a short-term car rental that, starting from Trapani, will allow you to easily visit the west end of the island. If Trapani is your destination, know that you can also find us in our city office near the port in via Ammiraglio Staiti 97/B.

How to reach our office

Our office is located inside the airport, just after the baggage claim exit in the arrival hall. When you have to return to the airport to return the vehicle, simply follow the instructions below to reach us.

Available vehicles

To savour every minute of your stay in Trapani, rent a car that allows you to tailor your itinerary. Our car fleet is constantly renewed and includes the latest generation vehicles suitable for any need: a short stay lasting a few days, a weekend with a convertible under the aegis of freedom with the wind in your hair, a business trip, or even a long stay with your family. We also have a wide selection of cars with automatic transmission, commercial vans (available in both unlimited and limited mileage formulas) and 9-seater vans.

In our agency at Trapani airport it is possible to rent a car even with a debit card. To offer a more flexible and attentive service to the needs of all our customers, we have included this rental solution in our roster of services. Read our in-depth study that answers all your questions.

Can novice drivers rent a vehicle?

If you are between 19 and 22 years old (with a driving licence obtained for at least a year and a day) you can rent with an additional daily cost. From the age of 23, there is no surcharge but only some limitations on vehicles. From the age of 25, you can choose other car groups from our fleet. At 30, you can also drive luxury vehicles. Read the complete information paper.

One way rental

You will certainly be interested in the fact that the collection and return of a vehicle at any of the city stations is free from surcharges. You got it right! If you collect a vehicle at Palermo airport and you need to return it to the city, or vice versa, there will be no surcharges. This will only be applied in the case of a one-way trip outside Trapani.

Office Cost
Trapani HarborFree
Other stationsExtra charge

Return after hours

Do you need to return your car when our offices are closed? You can do it easily with our key box service that allows you to drop off your car leaving the keys in a special box.

Optional covers

In this office, we offer a rental service for extra accessories (child seats, snow chains ...) to perfectly assist your car rental experience! Furthermore, our optional coverage will protect you from any eventuality not covered by the standard coverage included in each rental. Book our additional services in advance, your safety is priceless!

Monthly rental

If your needs are more related to the rental's duration rather than the mileage, our monthly rental formula with limited kilometres could be the ideal solution. For rentals exceeding 26 days and up to 90 days, you can choose our rates at 1,500, 2,500 or 4,000 kilometres per month. Make a request for a quote on our website today!

Those who are at Trapani airport have the advantage of being able to visit Sicily starting from a strategic point that can range up to Palermo (about an hour by car) or towards Agrigento and the Trapani hinterland.

The coast to the north

The territory's beauty is evident from the first kilometres taken by car: blue sea, rocky coasts and white beaches alternate with endless rows of vines that sweeten the landscape in tidy green lines along the ground.

Head north to discover enchanting corners of the coastline, from Pizzolungo to Tuna Farm of Bonagia and Cornino, and then head towards Makari to reach untouched cliffs and a clear sea.

The trip will bring you to many villages of small houses, places of the border between rural wisdom and maritime experience, and finally stop in San Vito lo Capo: a village with low houses and many palm trees, almost a piece of Africa, with the most beautiful beach in Sicily.

Renowned all over the world, the beach of San Vito is a real pride of Trapani: very white and thin as only the Caribbean beaches can be. During your stop, you should not miss a taste of couscous, a dish of Arab origin that finds its consecration in fish soup.

Continue north to reach Scopello, immersed in the Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro (Nature Reserve of the Gypsy), a stretch of sea and unspoilt nature with an ancient tuna fishery in front of the stacks that mark the territory almost to protect it from crowds and noise. Climb up to the small mediaeval village and lose yourself in the alleys and shops that smell of bread and oil: here it will be a must to taste the local "delight", the cunzato bread with tomato and oregano, a poor food but worthy of a royal house.

Not far away you will reach Castellammare del Golfo, a village with ancient origins with its Arabic Castle overlooking the sea and a small port that looks almost like an oil painting. At dusk, you can enjoy the typical cassatella of freshly baked ricotta.

The hinterland

It is time to head inland to discover the history and art of these places: at the entrance to the Belice Valley you can visit the archaeological park of Segesta. Here you will find a perfectly preserved Greek temple and one of the most beautiful on the island, which stands out in the middle of a wonderful hilly landscape overlooking the sea, and a large ancient theatre, from whose position you can enjoy the view of the entire valley and which during the summer becomes the seat of Greek representations, a show of enormous emotional and evocative power.

But in this area the ancient contrasts with the modern and then there is Gibellina, the centre of art and contemporary culture with the Orestiadi Foundation and its museum inside the Baglio di Stefano and still the extraordinary Cretto di Burri, a unique place in the world that the artist wanted to realise on the ruins of an entire country collapsed under the violence of the earthquake of Belice in 1968.

The coast in a southerly direction

From these places you can return to the coast, this time pointing south, crossing a fantastic countryside, rich in renovated ancient shades and numerous wineries of excellence. Aim for Marsala and without delay go to Mozia. It is an archaeological island in front of one of the most beautiful and poetic landscapes of Sicily, the famous salt pans of Trapani, large tanks of seawater that drying in the sun brings out the white gold of the city, salt. At the pier, you can reach this small island, a real open-air museum with ancient finds that emerge from the ground.

The town of Marsala will welcome you with a small and harmonious old town that will certainly capture you in one of the many excellent restaurants or bars that offer a refined selection of local wines. Marsala is the city of one of the most historic and famous families in Sicily: here the Florio gave life to their immense economic empire thanks to Marsala, whose ancient cellars are still open to visitors by reservation.

A few kilometres ahead, your reach Mazara del Vallo, a town famous for fishing - from here the best and freshest catch arrives daily throughout Italy - but also famous for its double Sicilian and Arab soul at the same time, which animates the alleys and narrow streets of the old city where the two languages and the Kasbah typical of African countries still live.

Here, inside the former Church of Sant'Egidio is the museum of the dancing satyr, a bronze sculpture of the Hellenistic age of bursting emotional strength, a unique piece in mastery and beauty found in the canal of Sicily at a depth of about 500 metres.

Would you like to conclude with a delicacy? Well, you are in Mazara and here reigns a unique gastronomic treasure of the area: you are in the homeland of red shrimp. It is a privilege to taste it freshly caught!

We are waiting for you in our car rental offices in Trapani, onboard our cars you can make the most of your stay in Sicily.

Rent your car, upon your arrival you can simply collect it at our offices in Trapani Birgi airport, in the heart of the airport! Choose your dates to get an immediate quote!