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Rent your car today and collect it near the port of Siracusa in the heart of the city centre. Our office Corso Umberto I, 90 is an ideal strategic point to visit the incomparable architectural and cultural treasures of the historic centre of the Sicilian city.

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Rental car in Siracusa

Hiring a car in Syracuse will be simple and convenient. Our car rental offices await you near the city port, not far from the train station.

How to reach our office

To reach us, or to return the car you have rented, just follow these directions from where you are and you will arrive without any problem.

Available vehicles

Our car rentals offer a wide range of offers ranging from the rental of small-engine utility cars that facilitate movement easily throughout the city, to luxury cars that do not go unnoticed. Our electric cars are essential to circumventing the traffic restrictions in the centre and are the pride of a company like ours that for years has focused on respecting the environment and has always looked to the future.

Furthermore, in our office, you can rent cars with automatic or manual transmission: convertible, station wagon, SUV, commercial vans and 9-seater minivans. We've got the ideal solution whether it is your work or a leisurely trip out of town.

Short-term car rental requires that, as a guarantee for the rental, a credit card in the main driver's name is always shown when collecting the car.

Renting with a debit card allows the customer to collect the vehicle even with a debit card, an ATM or a rechargeable card as long as it is nominal and equipped with a chip, IBAN and relative PIN code.

Car rental for novice drivers

Are you between 19 and 22 years old and do you want to hire a car in Siracusa? Young drivers can also collect and drive the vehicle upon payment of a supplement at the time of booking. However, you must have obtained your driving licence for at least one year and one day. From the age of 23 onwards, you can rent without any surcharge.

Monthly car rental

Sicily by Car is not just for short-term rental. If you need a vehicle for more than 26 days, our limited mileage monthly rental might be right for you. You can choose between 1500, 2500 and 4,000 kilometres per month and extend the contract duration up to a maximum of 3 months.

Additional services

To add comfort to your driving experience, you can choose additional optional accessories and covers with the vehicle in this office. Evaluate the purchase well and travel carefreely aboard our cars!

Information on the cost of car rental in Siracusa

We know how important it is to evaluate your online purchases in advance, especially for a complex product like car rental. To find your way around, you could start reading our useful tips. To help you further we want to give you a clear idea of how much hiring a car in Siracusa costs. Rates are subject to frequent variations, even during the same day, based on seasonality, the chosen vehicle category and obviously the actual days of rental. To provide you with reliable information, we consider the rental for a single day of a city car (group B). Off-peak season refers to October, November, January, February; midseason December, March, April; peak season the months between May and September.

Period Daily price
Off peak season 10-25 €
Midseason 25-35 €
Peak season 35-50 €

You are in eastern Sicily, this is one of those places that you will never forget. It's the heart of the Hellenistic civilization, a cultural, artistic and philosophical landmark. Syracuse will take your hand and will guide you in a journey through the centuries, it will overwhelm you with the exuberant beauty of its places, and it will dazzle you with that bright, warm, and powerful light that reflects on the cliffs of Ortigia.

The capital of Magna Grecia

Syracuse presents itself to the eyes of visitors as an open-air museum, where archaeological finds, architectural testimonies, urban features, and attractive landscapes blend into an incomparable ensemble.

The heart of the city is the island of Ortigia - an island within the city - which marks the entrance to Syracuse's historic centre. Here you just have to get lost in the streets, let yourself be guided by your eyes, and your instinct to slowly discover all the treasures of this magical place.

As soon as you enter Ortigia you will encounter the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, immersed in a large garden. A few steps away, you will receive a warm welcome from the many colourful boats, with the fishermen that even nowadays are busy repairing the nets near their fishing boats.

Then, you can walk along the sea, and enjoy a lovely stroll that will lead you along the perimeter of the island. Skirting imposing noble palaces, you will arrive at the Aretusa Spring, a fresh water body guarded by ancient concentric walls where the papyri thrive.

The spring, already declared for its romantic beauty by Ovid, Virgil and Cicero, is born from underground water that then returns to the surface in the river Ciane, on the opposite side of the city.

Continue your walk on the promenade and push forward to the extreme tip of Ortigia to get to the castle of Maniace, a mighty fortress overlooking the sea, built in the year 1000, and known as one of the most important Federician castles not only in the Swabian era, but even in the following centuries until the Renaissance.

It is now time to enter the heart of Ortigia through the characteristic narrow and ancient alleys, to discover the architectural beauties of the city. Then, without any delay, head to piazza Duomo, the true core of Ortigia, and a grandiose spectacle of artistic opulence. Here stands the Cathedral of the Nativity of Mary Most Holy, a unique church in its kind because it has been a place of worship since Greek times. Erected on the temple of Athena, the Church still shows today evidence of its thousand-year past, with the Doric columns incorporated within the structure.

Showing the contamination between completely different styles, the Cathedral of Syracuse has an imposing late Baroque facade, while inside Romanesque, Byzantine, Norman, Renaissance and Baroque art follow each other in the chapels and naves. Still in piazza Duomo, almost facing the spiritual power of the cathedral, stands Palazzo Beneventano del Bosco, one of the city's most sumptuous residences. Built in the 1400s, the Palazzo was bought by the Benevento family centuries before, and still frequented by many tourists for the richness of the original furnishings still intact: halls and galleries that evoke the aristocratic splendour that Syracuse lived as a great capital, as witnessed by the Archbishop's Palace, also in piazza Duomo, with its elegant neoclassical facade. A few steps away from the square, do not miss a visit to the Church of Santa Lucia alla Badia, patron saint of the city and venerated since centuries past.

From one religion to another: in Syracuse Judaism had one of its major seats as you can see thanks to its underground mikveh, The ancient Jewish purification bath is located 18 metres below ground, it offers the visitor a glimpse of the life and religious customs of many centuries ago, with the pool of crystal clear spring water, and the rooms used for bathing. All you have to do now, is to wander through the streets of Ortigia, to discover the local shops filled with crafts, typical products and ceramics. You will certainly encounter the Fountain of Diana in piazza Archimede, a large Art Nouveau basin that portrays the goddess in a triumph of water gushes. At dusk, dive into the alleys of the island, a wild nightlife is waiting for you!

The archaeological park of Syracuse

The visit of the Park requires a good pace and a certain resistance to the sun, it is in fact a large and articulated area that is absolutely worth visiting during your stay in Syracuse. Here stands one of the largest and best preserved ancient theatres, a secular place that hosted, and continues to host, the tragedies of Aeschylus and Euripides with a capacity of about 20,000 spectators.

Enjoy this show that is repeated every year, and that always begins at dusk, giving you an incredibly suggestive sunset. Also, inside the park is the Ear of Dionysus, a quarry of gigantic dimensions, the entrance of which resembles a very large ear.

The place is shrouded in legend because it is said that here the tyrant Dionysus, listened to the prisoners' conversations by virtue of the particular echo that is created inside the cave. The park is completed by a Roman amphitheatre, carved into the rock, and used for the gladiators' games, and the Altar of Hieron II dedicated to animal sacrifices.

Around Syracuse

Outside the city there is a wonderful territory made of coasts, beaches and villages that attract tourists from all over the world. With your rented car collected in our office in Syracuse, you can move independently and make the most of your vacation days. We start with the Plemmirio marine park, a nature reserve that winds through a succession of small marine bays with clear and iridescent water. Among the many seaside resorts, we mention Calamosche, fontane bianche, Avola, which in addition to being the homeland of almonds, it offers a long beach of fine sand, the Vendicari Reserve amazing for its beauty and renowned for those who love birdwatching, and then Pachino that, besides its famous tomatoes, offers an enchanting bay and, not far away, Portopalo di Capo Passero and its enchanting Isola della Correnti, where the Mediterranean meets the Ionian Sea. Conclude the tour with Marzamemi, one of the most beautiful fishing villages in the world, still perfectly preserved with the old tuna fishing boats , and fishermen's houses in front of the beach: here, in front of the island that belonged to the writer Vitaliano Brancati, you will fall madly in love with this extreme strip of land that tastes of sand, salt, wind and centuries-old Sicilian culture.

The ZTL - Limited Traffic Zone - is active in Syracuse in the area of Ortigia only. Here there are special times when cars can move, except electric cars that can pass freely, and also have free access to parking in the blue stripes. We recommend to check the individual restrictions and times on the website of the City of Syracuse.

Rent your car today and collect it near the port of Siracusa in the heart of the city centre. Our office Corso Umberto I, 90 is an ideal strategic point to visit the incomparable architectural and cultural treasures of the historic centre of the Sicilian city.