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Car rental has been made easy and advantageous in Sanremo with Sicily by Car. Book your car and rediscover the pleasure of driving on Ligurian roads rich in history and breathtaking landscapes.

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Our rental car office in Sanremo

Hiring a car in Sanremo will be easy. Our office is located in Via XX Settembre, 17, 500m from the railway station and from the Sole port, the tourist port of the city.

Available vehicles

Whether you are a manager or you are travelling with a group of friends, in our car rental offices in Sanremo you will find a vehicle that will adapt perfectly to every need. If your needs mainly concern space, you can have a station waggon or a 9-seater minibus. If you want to look good at a business meeting, our top-of-the-range cars will be the perfect solution. The chaos of the city will probably make you lean towards a small car, but you could also consider renting an electric car and exploring the alleys full of history, traditions and culture, aboard an ultra-modern but totally environmentally friendly vehicle. But perhaps, when you are driving, you will prefer to experience that sense of freedom that only our convertible cars can give to your holiday. Haven't found what you are looking for yet? Our fleet includes even more vehicles: saloons, trendy SUVs, a large selection of vehicles with automatic transmission and even commercial vans. All you have to do is choose one and travel with us!

If you do not have a credit card as guarantee for the rental, consider our rental formula with a debit card. Debit, ATM and nominal rechargeable cards equipped with chips are allowed. Read our information or call our toll-free number 800 334440 for further information.

Rental car for novice driver

If you are a novice driver, Sicily by Car has a solution for your rental. You can hire a vehicle even if you are between the ages of 19 and 22. Read the information paper for renting a car as a new driver. Remember that you must have had your driving licence for at least a year and a day.

Monthly car rental

If you are looking for a car hire option that allows you to keep possession of the vehicle for a minimum of one month, our monthly rate is ideal for you! You can extend the rental up to 3 months and choose three mileage ranges: 1,500, 2,500 and 4,000 km per month.

Optional coverage

Enjoy a rental experience without worrying about anything other than exploring Sicily and breathing its millennial history. Our optional covers will protect you from every eventuality not foreseen by the standard protection included in every rental agreement.

A car rental's cost from one of our offices in Italy is determined not only by the type of vehicle selected but also by seasonality. Prices may vary according to the period of the year chosen. In the off-peak season (October, November, January, February) the rates will be much lower than in the mid-season (December, March, April) and especially compared to the peak season (from May to September) when the costs are influenced by the increase in the demand for cars due to the significant tourist flows in the cities of art and the main Italian tourist destinations.

Period Daily price
Off peak season 10-25 €
Midseason 25-35 €
Peak season 35-50 €

The table above refers to the rental of a car in the city car segment in Brescia for a single day in the three reference periods: peak, mid and off-peak season. You can also read our tips for a well-informed rental.

The sun, the sea, the scent of flowers: we're in the Riviera dei Fiori, in Liguria. Its beauty is famous around the world, capable of attracting from the beginning of the twentieth century refined and wealthy visitors in search of that indisputable Italian style present in many films that celebrate its most iconic features.

Here nature is sweet and lush, the buildings are tinged with romantic pastel colours and the villas – many of them overlooking the sea – evoke the fin de siècle splendours with the grace and elegance of the Liberty style. In this piece of enchanted coast, the charming city of Sanremo emerges. A place destined for world fame and consecrated, forever, to Italian music.

Sanremo, not only Festival

To tell you about Sanremo, we can only start from its "temple", the place where every tourist gives in to the temptation of a souvenir photo: the legendary Ariston theatre, home of the Festival of Italian song and stage among the most praised and feared by Italian and international artists.

However, Sanremo is much, much more than its festival. Just enter the historic district of Pigna to understand the ancient origins of the city, which was already busy in Roman times. La Pigna, the neighbourhood perched on a hill, is the mediaeval heart of the city, with a typical concentric layout and countless corners rich in evocative atmospheres and suspended over time: arches and hidden passages, small squares, stairways and narrow streets with an ancient flavour that enclose some of the city's attractions: the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Costa, a fourteenth-century church (except for the beautiful Baroque façade) located at the top of the neighbourhood and famous for the traditional festival of chains in honour of the liberation of the Doria family, and the Regina Elena Gardens, a place rich in greenery and freshness where you can enjoy an extraordinary panorama above the domes and roofs where Sanremo slopes down to the sea.

Downstream of the neighbourhood we find another iconic building of the city, the famous Casino of Sanremo, one of the four in Italy, which offers a beautiful example of Art Nouveau architecture with a hanging garden and a party hall famous for live television links on the occasion of the Festival. Later there is the Co-Cathedral of San Siro, the oldest religious building in the city dating back to before the year 1000, which houses a fifteenth-century black crucifix; but the most particular building of worship in the city certainly remains the Russian Orthodox Church, with its beautiful five typical domes, built in the early twentieth century when the Russian community reached over a thousand inhabitants. From here you can easily reach the promenade of the seafront, called the Empress promenade in honour of Tsarina Maria Alexandrovna, a wonderful promenade on the marble-paved coast and flanked by thick palm trees. Nearby you will find Palazzo Borea d'Olmo, a majestic Baroque Palace former seat of the City Museum, now settled in the nearby Palazzo Nota, a totally restored building that houses archaeological finds and works of art from the 17th century onwards.

Continuing is worth a stop Villa Nobel, former property of the Swedish scientist inventor of dynamite and the prestigious prize reserved for great researchers, who decided to reside in Sanremo, building this elegant Moorish-style dwelling embellished by a large park rich in numerous varieties of plants. Behind the Villa, you will come across the green lung of the city, the Ormond Gardens, an extensive space with a botanical path divided into rooms such as the Japanese garden, the orangery, the wine-making plant and a central area with a classic Italian garden.

Sanremo has a particular road network. There is no real ZTL but it is good to know that the mediaeval district of Pigna is excluded from vehicular traffic for anyone as well as the downtown. You can then leave your cars in the parking lots located in the immediate close by.

Car rental has been made easy and advantageous in Sanremo with Sicily by Car. Book your car and rediscover the pleasure of driving on Ligurian roads rich in history and breathtaking landscapes.