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Choose your car now, among the several rental solutions we can offer! Book in our Ciampino office the car rental with unlimited mileage. Even without a credit card!

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Car rental in Rome Ciampino

If what you are looking for is a safe and reliable car hire in Rome, our office of rental car in Ciampino is what you need. We remind you that we are also present in the city of Fiumicino, the other Roman airport, near Termini Station and the city centre in via Teulada.

How to reach our office

Once you arrive in Ciampino you will have to go outside the terminal where you will find a shelter for the shuttle stop which, every 10 minutes, passes by to transport customers to the car hire area. As soon as you arrive, you will see our desk right in front of you.

When you need to return the vehicle, use these directions to reach us from where you are at this moment.

Available vehicles

At the Ciampino Airport car rental office, you will find a wide selection of cars available, including convertibles, luxury cars, 9-seater minibuses and commercial vans.

Furthermore, electric vehicles are the best choice if you want to visit the historic centre of Rome [translator's note - source said Palermo] and not stray too far from the city. Access to the charging stations of our stations is free. Are you not used to driving with a manual gearbox? Our fleet includes a wide range of vehicles with automatic transmission, you only have to choose one!

This solution is preferred by those who do not have a personal credit card to allow them to collect the selected vehicle during the booking process at the counter. Compulsory coverage is required to reduce/eliminate the responsibility for theft and damage. Does this work for you? Read more!

Car hire for novice drivers

Car hire for novice drivers is included in our rental terms and conditions. You can hire a car if you are at least 19 years old and have had a licence issued for more than a year (over one year and one day specifically).

Monthly rate

For all bookings over 26 days, our monthly rate with limited kilometres is automatically activated. This rental formula can be extended up to 3 months and, based on the model selected, you can choose different mileage ranges. Get a quote on our website now!

Return after hours

If your return journey starts late at night, you will certainly be interested in knowing that our key box service provides for the return of the vehicle keys after office closing hours. You can insert the keys and a copy of the rental agreement in a safety deposit box and leave the vehicle parked even in the absence of our operators.

One-way rental

If you collect your car in Rome Ciampino, and you want to return the vehicle to another of our offices in Rome, you can do it so no additional cost. Sicily by car allows you to return your vehicle for free in Fiumicino or our city offices in via Teulada or at Termini Station. If, on the other hand, you have to return to another city, a surcharge will be applied. Here is a list of the nearest offices.

Office Cost
Rome (Via Teulada)Free
Rome Fiumicino (FCO)Free
Rome TerminiFree
Other stationsExtra charge

Optional covers

Our goal is to provide you with fast and high quality service. We are constantly committed to satisfying any type of need and making our rental solutions more flexible. Our optional extra covers will protect you from imponderable events, mishaps not covered by our standard protection package. Read the prospectus of our additional protection!

Ciampino International Airport was founded in 1916 as a station for airships by virtue of the ideal climatic conditions of the place. From here, in 1926, General Umberto Nobile's famous expedition to Alaska departed. Today the airport, mainly used for passenger flights, also has a military presence.

The surroundings and the rustic gastronomy

The location of the airport is ideal for exploring, with your rental vehicle, the Roman countryside and its famous hills, the true origin of Roman civilization.

These are ancient villages that preserve the typical characteristics of the places intact and attract tourists from all over the world with their millenary charm. The lowest common denominator is good food: rustic and tasty recipes that offer ancient flavours and local products in the many taverns in the alleys. Absolutely to try the local wine, present in the many serenades of the Roman musical tradition.

The Castelli area, once a refuge of the Lazio nobility, who built opulent patrician villas here, and of many Popes who over the centuries found residence together with noble prelates, looks like a complex of villages, a real park, with great scenic and historical attraction. There is no shortage of important archaeological remains and magnificent examples of mediaeval and Renaissance art.

The villages of Nemi, Albano Laziale, Frascati, Genzano, Rocca di Papa are small jewels set among luxuriant hills immersed in a still intact and uncontaminated nature.

Alleys, ancient streets, palaces and historic homes, aristocratic villas and grandiose gardens represent an open-air history lesson.

Castel Gandolfo

Last but not least, we must mention Castel Gandolfo, famous for hosting the Pope's summer residence, with the Papal palace and its gardens: here the beauty of the places and the splendour of art reach the highest peaks and prepare you, with incomparable skill, for the majesty of the Vatican Museums as soon as you visit Rome.

Choose your car now, among the several rental solutions we can offer! Book in our Ciampino office the car rental with unlimited mileage. Even without a credit card!