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Rental car airport of Rimini-Federico Fellini

Rimini airport, more commonly known by its commercial name of Federico Fellini International Airport, is situated 8km south of the municipality of Rimini, in the town of Miramare. Per annual passenger traffic, it is the second airport in Emilia Romagna following Bologna.

How to reach our office

Finding our office in Rimini and hiring a car is simple and seamless. We are the only car rental inside the airport, just outside the doors of the baggage claim on the left. It will be equally easy to return your car following these directions to reach us from wherever you are arriving without any trouble.

Available vehicles

Our office in Rimini offers a wide range of options for your car rental. If you need space, you can have a station wagon or a 9-seater minibus, but you will also find the ideal car for all other needs: private cars, SUVs, luxury cars, commercial vans and even electric vehicles. Charging of electric vehicles at our offices and parking in the city blue stripes are both free! If you are not used to driving with a manual transmission, you can choose from a wide selection of vehicles with automatic transmission. With our cars, you can rediscover the pleasure of a dynamic and brilliant guide and visit in absolute freedom not only every corner of the city but also its fascinating surroundings.

A short-term car rental requires that, as a guarantee for the rental, a credit card in the main driver's name is always shown when collecting the car. Renting with a debit card allows the customer to collect the vehicle even with a debit card, an ATM or a rechargeable card as long as it is nominal and equipped with a chip, IBAN and relative PIN code. Therefore, when choosing the vehicle, you can select payment by debit card, but first we invite you to read our policy.

The car rental for novice drivers

Novice drivers from the age of 19 (who have also held a driving licence for at least a year and a day) can still rent a car upon payment of a daily supplement. The minimum age to rent a vehicle without a surcharge is 23 years. Read our in-depth article.

Additional cover

Enjoy your travel experience without missing anything! In our offices, you can rent accessories such as child seats for all ages, snow chains and other extras or subscribe to one of our optional covers to protect yourself from unpleasant events that are not included in the standard rental. Read our offers and evaluate those tailored for you.

Return after hours

You can safely return the vehicle during the closing time of our car rental agency and choose your return flight even late at night. All you have to do is park your rental car in one of our free stalls and then put the keys and copy of the rental agreement in the safety box set up for this purpose.

Monthly rental

If the short-term rental of up to 26 days does not meet your needs, choose our monthly rental that can be extended up to 90 days. There are limited mileage rates that are ideal if you need one month, two months or three months of rental.

How much does a car rental cost in Rimini?

We understand how difficult it is to find the cheapest rental solution that suits your needs. To help you find your way around the trend in car hire prices at Rimini airport, we will provide you with a concrete example of renting a city car (rent for a single day in the three periods of the reference year). Off-peak season refers to October, November, January, February; midseason December, March, April; peak season the months between May and September.

Period Daily price
Off peak season 10-25 €
Midseason 25-35 €
Peak season 35-50 €

Furthermore, reading the ten things to know before booking will allow you to make a truly informed choice and avoid unpleasant surprises.

In every Italian's collective imagination, Rimini is a symbol of summer, nightlife and carefree holidays packed with beaches and discos where you can stay out late until dawn. Situated on the Adriatic coast, it is an iconic international tourist resort and recognised symbol of the Italian lifestyle.

Rimini, city of art

Many of you will know Rimini as the birthplace of Federico Fellini, or as the twin sister of nearby Riccione, in any case, as soon as you receive your rental car we suggest a visit for the history, art, monuments and culture, which has nothing to envy from the most famous cities of art.

Roman era

Rimini's past unfolds over 2000 years: there is no lack of evidence of Roman rule and a mediaeval and Renaissance past of significant importance.

Originally called Ariminum in ancient times, the city soon became an imperial hub in the Roman era, so much so that it was nicknamed caput viarum.

Start your tour with the Arch of Augustus, the oldest in Italy constructed in 27 BC, which marked the entrance to the city. Restored to its original and imposing beauty, the arch is the symbol of Rimini today. Continuing with the findings of the Roman age, in the central Piazza Ferrari, right in the heart of the city, there is an archaeological jewel comparable to a miniature Pompeii that has recently been opened to the public: it is the Domus del Chirurgo (Surgeon's Home), a villa owned by a doctor that narrates the owner's medical-pharmaceutical culture through its splendid mosaics. Not far away, you can admire another opera of Roman architectural ingenuity, the Tiberius Bridge, a massive five-arched bridge, built on the Marecchia by the homonymous emperor who began the famous Via Emilia. The main feature is the square on the water, which allows you to observe the bridge while strolling along the river.

Mediaeval era

From here in a few steps you will reach the delightful Borgo San Giuliano, a small fishing village born around the year one thousand, which presents itself as a web of low and colourful houses, imaginative murals and a myriad of bars and taverns with all the renowned Romagna joviality.

In mediaeval times, Rimini had a bustling central economic and political role marked by the long domination of the powerful Malatesta family that for two centuries imposed its lordship on the territory still today witnessed by imposing buildings built by the visionary Sigismondo Malatesta.

First of all Castel Sismondo, a massive fortress located downtown built in the fifteenth century for residential use witnessed the contribution of Brunelleschi during its construction. Today the building is home to the FM Museum, dedicated to the great Fellini, hosting exhibitions, and events as well as a biweekly market.

To crown Sigismund's dreams of glory, the magnificent Malatesta Temple was erected which, founded on the remains of the Gothic church of San Francesco, became a symbol of power, splendour and magnificence. Here artists of the calibre of Piero della Francesca and Leon Battista Alberti worked, giving life to one of the architectural jewels of the Renaissance period today consecrated as the most important place of worship in Rimini, inside which you can admire the Crucifix of Giotto.

Late Middle Ages and Renaissance

Dwellings, fountains, and colonnades from the late mediaeval, Renaissance and neoclassical periods are still dotted along the main roads downtown, where Piazza Cavour with the Renaissance Fontana della Pigna, Palazzo del Podestà, now the seat of the Municipality, Palazzo dell'Aringa and Palazzo Garampi are located: together, these buildings house the PART museum node, dedicated to modern art and itinerant exhibitions. Once you reach Piazza dei Martiri, not too far away, you can admire the sixteenth-century and elegant Temple of Saint Anthony.

In the city of Federico Fellini, culture and performances have a fundamental place: the nineteenth-century Amintore Galli Theatre, inaugurated by Giuseppe Verdi, is a homage to the city's cultured vocation.

For anyone who wants to learn more about the history and art of Rimini, we highly recommend the visitor centre, a multimedia museum, full of immersive experiences, which will project you in the past centuries to discover the ancient city.

The Rimini hinterland

The surroundings of Rimini can be visited in a few dozen kilometres whether you go inland or in the coastal area. Going inland, add a visit to SantArcangelo di Romagna, the typical Romagna town, vibrant with life and joy, full of events, fairs and cultural initiatives that animate the downtown.

A little further on you reach Verucchio, a delightful mediaeval village perched on the hill and made famous for its Malatesta Fortress, a granite fortification of great grandeur that today hosts events and concerts offering its visitors an extraordinary panorama. Before heading to the coast, you simply must take a tour of San Marino, a trip outside the Italian borders, to enjoy the beauty of this tiny state with its mediaeval atmosphere.

The coast

Now head towards the coast and to Riccione as a first stop. In addition to the sea, a wild nightlife awaits you here, consisting of bars, clubs, discos and restaurants that stay open all night until early dawn: if you want a rush of energy and vitality, this is your place!

Continuing south you reach Cattolica, a well-known seaside resort with a great maritime tradition, perfect for young and old. Its aquarium, the largest in the Adriatic, will enchant every visitor with the magic of colourful marine species, then all in the tavern for a well-deserved, and delicious, piadina Romagnola (flatbreads).

With your rental car at our office in Rimini, you can do this and much more in complete autonomy. If your real destination is the journey, you just have to set off, aboard one of our cars of course!

Like most Italian cities, Rimini also has a city area circumscribed by ZTL - Limited Traffic Zone - which includes the downtown. In this area, access is allowed only to residents or to those who have obtained a special permit per the municipal regulations. For further information, you can consult the Municipality of Rimini website.

Choose your car now, among the several rental solutions we can offer! Book in our Rimini office the car rental with unlimited mileage. Even without a credit card!