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Rent a car in Milazzo

Milazzo is a town in the metropolitan area of Messina in Sicily, mainly known for its port, from which about 80% of boats directed to the Aeolian Islands depart.

How to reach our office

Our office is located on the promenade of Milazzo, right in the port area, exactly at number 24 of via Tindaro La Rosa.

To return your car you can follow the directions to reach us from where you are, you will arrive without any trouble.

Available vehicles

To rent a car in Milazzo, you will be spoiled for choice! Rent the car of your plans choosing from the various models of the Sicily by Car fleet: city cars, SUVs, convertibles, spacious 9-seater minivans but also freight vans. We update our fleet every year and you will also have a wide choice of vehicles with automatic transmission. We also offer 100% electric mobility solutions, so you can travel while respecting the environment with a fully electric car. With electric vehicles, admission to the ZTL area is free and recharging at our offices is included in the rental cost!

Customer's reviews

R. Notarangelo

Very happy with the service, as someone who regularly hires cars in Italy. I was pleased to see no pressure to pay for extra insurance. And the checkin-checkout process was very quick with very friendly staff.

J. Van Aelst

Efficient and very friendly! The reservation was made in a very smooth way. Clear information on the website. Same for the pick up of the car.

G. de Witte

Very friendly service, free upgrade, and quick handover when we returned the car at the airport.


Car was good and clean and ready. SBC staff spoke English which helped. I was particularly obliged to the employee who fixed up the connection of my smart phone to the display consul so I could us satnav.

D. Acimovic

Fast reception of car, we even received an upgrade of the car class, Return of car was also quick done without any issues, like you would wish on vacation.


SBC staff was fast, efficient, professional, pleasant, and smart. We were very pleased with the entire process. All issues were resolved quickly. We saw other clients who were similarly impressed.

Short-term car rental requires that, as a guarantee for the rental, a credit card in the main driver's name is always shown when collecting the car.

Renting with a debit card allows the customer to collect the vehicle even with a debit card, an ATM or a rechargeable card as long as it is nominal and equipped with a chip, IBAN and relative PIN code.

Optional covers

Enjoy the trip driving one of our vehicles without missing anything! Book one of our extra accessories or one of our optional extra covers. Read our information about it.

Monthly rental

If the short-term rental of up to 26 days does not meet your needs, choose our monthly rental that can be extended up to 90 days. There are limited mileage rates that are ideal if you need one month, two months or three months of rental.

Information on the cost of a rental

Car rental is a complex product and the price for hiring a car in Milazzo is affected by many variables, including seasonality and the type of vehicle requested.

You might find it useful to start reading our tips for an informed rental decision. However, we would also like to give you some useful price indications to help you direct better.

Take for example the rental of a small car for a single day, with a vehicle category that falls into group B. In the off-peak season, in October/November and January/February, the cost of the rental starts from a minimum of € 10 per a maximum of 25 €. In midseason (December, March, April) from € 20 to € 35. May to September is the peak season and the cost is between € 35 and € 50.

Period Daily price
Off peak season 10-25 €
Midseason 25-35 €
Peak season 35-50 €

Eastern Sicily, opposite the Calabrian coast, enjoys a unique and rare panorama: the 7 sisters of the Mediterranean, the Aeolian Islands, stand out from the coast of Messina that flows right into Milazzo which is the point where you get on a boat to reach them. That stretch of coast, aided by the mild and sunny weather, still seems crystallised in an indefinite time that takes us back to the fresh beauty and vitality of the mythical 60s. Milazzo, and all the surrounding villages, will make you experience a cinematographic authenticity and simplicity! Get ready, then, to experience forgotten atmospheres through a bar by the sea, craft shopping, and long stretches of coast still untouched.

Milazzo: destination or departure?

The town of Milazzo, although not large, enjoys notoriety for being the junction point towards the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands - Vulcano, Lipari, Alicudi, Filicudi, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli - which each year gather millions of tourists from around the world. But if Milazzo can be experienced as a point of passage to other destinations, it is also good to highlight the beauty and the historicity of this place already much appreciated by those who visit the mainland and its surroundings.

Your car rental in Milazzo will therefore allow you to discover unique and enchanting places that only Sicily can offer.

The town

Let's start to discover Milazzo, a town located on the promontory of the north-eastern coast of the island. The place has ancient origins: founded by the Greeks in 713 BC, it was the scene of the Punic Wars and later became an authoritative Roman city.

The city was then dominated first by the Arabs, and then by Swabians and Normans until a long Spanish governorate. In 1860 the landing of Garibaldi in Sicily led to its annexation to Italy.

Today Milazzo preserves numerous testimonies of the past populations that support its artistic and cultural importance. From the port you will easily see the castle that dominates the city, a massive structure that after the first Byzantine layout, was enlarged and fortified by Frederick II of Swabia and later surrounded by an imposing wall during the Spanish era. Right on the edge of the walls you will find a curious effigy: two huge eyes made of lava stone that for centuries have aroused curiosity and amazement in visitors.

The historic centre of the town pivots on the old, seventeenth-century Duomo, inside which is a spectacular stone spiral staircase. There are many religious buildings in the ancient village, churches dating back to the late Renaissance that you can easily visit wandering through the alleys. Particularly spectacular is the complex dedicated to San Francesco di Paola, on the hill of San Biagio, unique throughout the island.

But what makes Milazzo a truly amazing place is its Capo, that is the offshoot cliff that stretches to the sea determining the marine protected area. We are in a true naturalistic paradise, where the typical Mediterranean vegetation of prickly pears, olive trees, junipers, and agaves gently descends towards the sea through narrow and romantic paths from which you can admire an incredible view of the sea and the Aeolian islands.

The most famous hike is the one that will lead you to the famous Venus pool, a marine lake surrounded by rock, of unparalleled beauty. Here do not miss the sunset, it is among the most beautiful ones, mother nature can give you!

The surrounding area

After visiting Milazzo you cannot miss its surroundings, small villages overlooking the sea that line up, one after the other, and that seem to take us back in time.

Then, let's go to Patti, a characteristic Sicilian village with pebble beaches and crystal clear sea. In addition to taking a tour of the town, full of churches and historical monuments, we point out the Roman Villa of Patti, discovered in recent times and evidence of latifundismo already in ancient times.

In the immediate vicinity you will find Tindari. It is an unmissable natural jewel: after visiting the shrine, perched on top of a promontory from which you can enjoy an incomparable view of the gulf, and famous for its Black Madonna destination of continuous pilgrimages, visit the Greek theatre and then descend into the lagoon. The place, unique in the world, is an isthmus of land that ends gently in the crystal clear waters of the sea, creating the beach of Marinello.

Continue towards Palermo and stop for a dip in the clear emerald waters of Gioiosa Marea, one of the most desired tourist destinations on the east coast, from here continue towards Brolo, a lovely mediaeval village just away from the sea with its ancient castle protecting the village, and then straight to Capo d'Orlando, for a walk to the marina - a real local attraction - and for a stroll in the town's main avenue.

Here, sitting in one of the many bars along the avenue, you can enjoy a typical Sicilian granita that will make you fall in love with the place!

If you want to go further then it will be impossible for you not to get to Santo Stefano di Camastra, the land of Sicilian ceramics, a real joy for your eyes that will fill with the typical Mediterranean colours to discover a true artisan excellence of a century-old tradition,you can't refrain from shopping!

Car rental has been made easy and advantageous in Milazzo with Sicily by Car. Book your car and rediscover the pleasure of driving on Sicilian roads rich in history and breathtaking landscapes.