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Rental car in Comiso airport-Pio La Torre

The airport of Comiso constitutes, together with the airport of Catania, the aeronautical hub of Eastern Sicily (Palermo and Trapani instead constitute that of Western Sicily). Since 2014 it has been named after Pio La Torre, a well-known politician and trade unionist from Palermo. It is only 5 km from Comiso and 16 km from Ragusa.

How to reach our office

Finding our office in Comiso and renting a car will be practical and fast. All you have to do is exit from the baggage claim doors and you will find us immediately in the lobby on the right. To return your car follow these directions to reach us from where you are, you will arrive without problems.

Available vehicles

In Comiso you can choose the car that best suits your needs, you will have all our vehicles in the fleet, with manual or automatic transmission: small cars, convertibles, SUVs, 9-seater minivans, or luxury cars. If you prefer eco-friendly you can choose 100% electric cars. Recharging vehicles at our stations is free!

This solution is preferred by those who do not have a personal credit card to allow them to collect the selected vehicle during the booking process at the counter. Compulsory coverage is required to reduce/eliminate the responsibility for theft and damage. Does this work for you? Read more!

Car hire for novice drivers

Car hire for novice drivers is included in our rental terms and conditions. You can hire a car if you are at least 19 years old and have had a licence issued for more than a year (over one year and one day specifically).

Monthly car rental

If you are looking for a car hire option that allows you to keep possession of the vehicle for a minimum of one month, our monthly rate is ideal for you! You can extend the rental up to 3 months and choose three mileage ranges: 1,500, 2,500 and 4,000 km per month.

Optional covers

Never be caught unprepared for the setbacks and pitfalls of a holiday far from our daily comforts. Always carefully consider purchasing an extra accessory or optional cover from those available.

Return after hours

At Cagliari airport you can return your rental car even after office hours. There is a practical key box service that allows you to store the vehicle keys and a copy of the rental agreement in a dedicated box during office closing hours.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Comiso?

The daily cost to hire a car in Comiso may vary considerably depending on the vehicle category, the time of year and the overall duration of the rental. Taking into consideration the rental of a small car (group B) for one day, these are the reference values: off-peak season (October, November, January, February) from a minimum of € 10 to a maximum of € 25; midseason (December, March, April) from € 20 to € 35; peak season (May to September) from € 35 to € 50.

Period Daily price
Off peak season 10-25 €
Midseason 25-35 €
Peak season 35-50 €

Read some of our tips for a more informed rental, you will receive advice on how to save on the overall cost and avoid unpleasant inconveniences.

Did you land in Comiso or does your car rental trip start from here? Well, you are in one of the most fascinating, most enchanting, most renowned and desired places in the world! It is the land of Quasimodo that inspired his sublime poems that have made these places immortal and iconic. So you are ready for a journey through these fantastic landscapes that will take you in an ecstasy of art, culture, traditions and divine Sicilian gastronomy.

The Land of the Gods

In these places, beauty is the undisputed queen, the past blends with the present giving, in the eyes of the visitor, a vision of clear enchantment. Here the blue of the sky becomes crystal, and the light of noon dazzles the gaze reflecting on the shimmering mirror of the sea. The wind of sirocco invades, with its warm breath, the endless olive groves that extend as far as the eye can see along sunny cliffs dotted with ancient dry stone walls.

The music is that of the sea, the chirping of cicadas, the tweeting of birds: in this paradise, you can wander with your rental car stunned by the power of the Sicilian landscape.


Starting with your rental car from Comiso, we suggest you visit initially the hinterland, although not far from the coast, and turn towards the sea only after discovering the inland countries. To the east is Ragusa, the southernmost province of Italy, a pearl perched 500 metres high and immersed in the Sicilian countryside.

The city seems to have two souls, one older and one younger, born after the earthquake of 1693. Ragusa has very distant origins in time: already in pre-Roman times, it is spoken of as a place from which the wheat comes.

Its importance grew over time, so much so that it became the county and residential hub of numerous aristocratic families who left their mark here. The new city is rich in noble palaces in the Baroque style and its centre is located in the eighteenth-century Cathedral of San Giovanni. You can't miss the real wonder of the place: Ragusa Ibla, an embroidery of houses and alleys dotted with dozens of ancient churches and baroque residences, among the most famous UNESCO heritage sites.

Stay until the evening, when the lights will illuminate this show still in time and you will feel as if you are entering a living sixteenth-century crib or if you prefer, a film set.


Continue east towards Modica, the city of the famous chocolate, the pinnacle of the Val di Noto with its most beautiful cathedral in Sicily: the Cathedral of San Giorgio, a majestic building with a grandiose baroque façade, 62 metres high and reachable through 250 steps. The city is divided between the upper and lower part, the latter in the evening is populated by tourists and inhabitants who fill restaurants and bars or visit the many shops of local crafts, the highest part is characterised by a tangle of houses, one intertwined with the other, in a set of great architectural and historical charm.

But what makes Modica truly unique is its panorama, from Pizzo Belvedere you can enjoy the view of the entire city from above, a breathtaking succession of ancient roofs, domes, windows and historic buildings.

To finish your tour, enter one of the many chocolate shops and try the tasty and traditional Modicana chocolate, unique in the world for its grainy and spicy grinding.

Scicli and Ispica

A little further south you will enter Scicli, another jewel of inestimable artistic beauty that came to the forefront to welcome for decades, in the municipal building, the film crew of the fiction dedicated to Commissioner Montalbano as the set of the operations centre.

Now head towards Ispica, a small town with one of the most spectacular places in Sicily: Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore which houses the immense Loggia of Sinatra, a rare masterpiece of Rococo architecture overlooking the eighteenth-century façade of the Basilica.

It is worth reaching the Ispica Quarries and the archaeological park famous for its necropolis of Pantalica and the Latomies.


The last stop of the hinterland is Noto, the world capital of Baroque. What to see in this place? Everything! Enter from Porta Reale and start with a walk down Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the central axis of the town and let yourself be enchanted by the cathedral, the Benedictine convent and the Church of Santa Chiara and again by Palazzo Nicolaci. Look at the finishes of the balconies, the elevations, the doors, here the atmosphere is regal and lavish everywhere and you will be fully aware of it by visiting Palazzo Castelluccio, a dream with your eyes open.

The coast

And now head straight towards the sea, to discover endless kilometres of fine, golden sandy coastline, and shallow and clear waters that embellish the promenade of Pozzallo and then again Marina di Modica, with the characteristic white dunes and the vegetation that laps the sea, and Sampieri delightful seaside village that houses the ruins of the furnace of Pisciotto as well as the village of Donnalucata, many times named by the shrewd pen of Andrea Camilleri.

A few kilometres further on you will reach the legendary Puntasecca where, once you reach the seafront, you will enter directly into the film set of the series right in front of the house of the most famous Commissioner in Italy.

Hire a car today at Pio La Torre di Comiso airport and collect it in our car parks inside the airport. What are you waiting for?