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Discover our car rental proposals in Brindisi! Choose the car you prefer for an exciting discovery of the Salento peninsula!

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Car rental airport Brindisi-Papola Casale

Also known as the Salento Airport, because it is the stopover for all tourists who want to visit this beautiful area of Puglia, it is located a few kilometres from Brindisi. The airport is named after Antonio Papola, a commander who died in a flight accident, but it also owes its name to the hamlet of Casale where it is located.

How to reach our office

To reach our office, simply leave the arrivals area of the airport, just outside you will see a glass structure dedicated to car rental. When you need to return your vehicle, follow the directions to reach us from where you are and you will arrive without problems.

Available vehicles

Hiring a car from Sicily by Car in Brindisi will allow you to fully experience the atmosphere and the extraordinary charm of this city. Whatever the reason for your stay, our cars can always meet your needs: from city cars, station wagons, to convertible cars and 9-seater minivans. If you are not used to driving with a manual gearbox, you can choose from a wide selection of vehicles with automatic transmission. With our cars, you can discover not only every corner of the city but also its enchanting surroundings in absolute freedom. If you need to transport more bulky goods, our vans will meet all your needs.

Yes, of course! In our agency inside the Brindisi-Casale airport, you can rent a car even with a debit card. To offer a more flexible and attentive service to the needs of all our customers, we have included this rental solution in our roster of services. Read our in-depth study that answers all your questions.

Return after hours

If your return journey starts late at night, you will certainly be interested in knowing that our key box service provides for the return of the vehicle keys after office closing hours. You can insert the keys and a copy of the rental agreement in a safety deposit box and leave the vehicle parked even in the absence of our operators.

Car rental for novice drivers

If you are between 19 and 22 (with a driving licence obtained for at least a year and a day) you can rent with an additional daily cost. From the age of 23, there is no surcharge but only some limitations on vehicles. From the age of 25, you can choose other car groups from our fleet. At 30, you can also drive luxury vehicles. Read the complete information paper.

Additional cover

In addition to having a car in perfect condition, you can collect some extra accessories that increase the vehicle's onboard comfort in all our offices. Also, discover the optional packages to protect you from unpleasant setbacks not covered by the standard contract.

Monthly rental

If the short-term rental of up to 26 days does not meet your needs, choose our monthly rental that can be extended up to 90 days. There are limited mileage rates that are ideal if you need one month, two months or three months of rental. Information on the cost of a car rental in Brindisi

Information on the cost of a car rental in Brindisi

The daily cost of hiring a car in Brindisi can vary considerably depending on the vehicle category, the time of year and the overall duration of the rental. Taking into consideration the rental of a small car (group B) for one day, these are the reference values: off-peak season (October, November, January, February) from a minimum of € 10 to a maximum of € 25; midseason (December, March, April) from € 20 to € 35; peak season (May to September) from € 35 to € 50.

Period Daily price
Off peak season 10-25 €
Midseason 25-35 €
Peak season 35-50 €

Read some of our tips for a more informed rental. You will receive advice on how to save on the overall cost and avoid unpleasant inconveniences.

Starting from Brindisi, a small and delightful town on the Adriatic Sea will make you live an immersive experience in the most authentic atmospheres of southern Puglia. The city, an outpost of Salento, is an anticipation of what can in effect be defined as a region in the region.

Brindisi city

Sunny, smiling, bright, open: Brindisi, the gateway to the East has always been an ancient portal for lucrative trade from the East and is one of the crucial ports on the Adriatic and a direct link with Greece across the water.

Before venturing out to discover the marvellous Salento, take your time to the city which undoubtedly deserves a thorough visit. Brindisi is a city already known in Roman times, as shown by the columns erected by the emperor Trajan right next to its wonderful port, where one still exists almost intact as a symbol of ancient welcome to sailors. In front of the sea, and the mouth of the port, there is a surprising unexpected discovery, an ancient castle, perched on the small island of Sant'Andrea where the light of the sunset enhances its vermilion red colour. This is the Alfonsino Castle, a magnificent fortress defending Christianity from Islamic incursions, dating back to 1492.

The charm of Brindisi is best expressed once you arrive in Piazza Duomo, a space of enchanting beauty where you have the feeling of stepping back in time among mediaeval residences, noble palaces, Roman architecture and baroque facades. Here stands the Cathedral, or Basilica of the Visitation, whose original structure dates back to the end of the year 1000, a treasure trove of art and history to be absolutely visited. In this city, where the port is king, the seafront becomes an integral part of it, follow it and it will lead you to Torre Guaceto, a protected marine area that will make you fall in love with the Salento sea but get ready, because the best is yet to come.

What to see outside the city, the surroundings of Brindisi

Open your eyes to the oriental light, breathe in the sea air and prepare your heart for emotions ... let's go! With your rental car, driving in the typical Apulian streets, you will be immersed in a countryside of centuries-old olive trees and along ancient dry stone walls, you will come across enchanting towns and villages, jewels of Baroque art in the characteristic Salento stone, old and elegant farmhouses with an intact rural flavour, and sea as far as the eye can see, between beaches of fine white sand and clear and crystalline waters. Take a trip to Ostuni to be blinded by the white of its houses, whose faces are painted in white lime and then down, pointing south, towards the "heel of the boot". After an unmissable visit to Lecce, Unesco heritage for the Baroque art that embellishes every corner and square, head to the seaside coast, here you will meet Maldivian beaches and countries of international fame: San Foca, with its crystalline emerald green sea, and Torre dell'Orso, a white rock overhanging the transparent blue waters. Art and nature meet indissolubly in Otranto, a town of rare beauty and famous for the imposing Aragonese castle and the ancient cathedral of Santa Maria Annunziata. The sea, a wonderful constant in your trip to Salento, will accompany you southwards to discover Santa Cesarea Terme, famous both as a spa and for its grandiose Moorish-style Villa Sticchi and Santa Maria di Leuca, the extreme point of Italy, finis terrae as nicknamed by the Romans, a pearl of exceptional landscape and architectural appeal. Here the two seas meet, the Adriatic and the Tyrrhenian, a show between currents to be seen with the naked eye at Punta Meliso. Climbing, do not miss Gallipoli, its historic centre and the Caribbean beach of Punta della Suina up to Nardò and Porto Cesareo.

One constant above all: good food, from the very tasty stringy panzerotti of mozzarella to the crunchy friselle rich in fresh tomatoes and genuine olive oil, all washed down with the excellent wine of the many cellars scattered in the typical farms of the Apulian countryside.

As in many cities, the ZTL (Limited Traffic Zone) is also active in Brindisi, which imposes an absolute ban on circulation except for electric vehicles. You can get information by consulting the website of the Municipality of Brindisi. We also advise you to check the times of the paid parking lots on the blue lines that vary according to the area.

Discover our car rental proposals in Brindisi! Choose the car you prefer for an exciting discovery of the Salento peninsula!