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Car rental has been made easy and advantageous in Brescia with Sicily by Car. Book your car and rediscover the pleasure of driving on Lombard roads rich in history and breathtaking landscapes.

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Rental car in Brescia central station

Located on the Milan-Venice railway line, Brescia station is one of the main train stops in the region and is a vital hub of the connections provided by the Italian Railways, with average annual traffic of about 20 million passengers.

How to reach our office

Hiring a car in Brescia is as practical and fast as ever. Our car rental offices are within walking distance of the train station and are clearly visible to all passengers. And when will you have to return your rental car? Just follow the signs to reach us from where you are to reach us easily.

Available vehicles

Whether you are a manager or you are travelling with a group of friends, in our car rental offices in Brescia you will find a vehicle that will adapt perfectly to every need. If your needs mainly concern space, you can have a station waggon or a 9-seater minibus. If you want to look good at a business meeting, our top-of-the-range cars will be the perfect solution. The chaos of the city will probably make you lean towards a small car, but you could also consider renting an electric car and exploring the alleys full of history, traditions and culture, aboard an ultra-modern but totally environmentally friendly vehicle. But perhaps, when you are driving, you will prefer to experience that sense of freedom that only our convertible cars can give to your holiday. Haven't found what you are looking for yet? Our fleet includes even more vehicles: saloons, trendy SUVs, a large selection of vehicles with automatic transmission and even commercial vans. All you have to do is choose one and travel with us!

If you do not have a credit card as guarantee for the rental, consider our rental formula with a debit card. Debit, ATM and nominal rechargeable cards equipped with chips are allowed. Read our information or call our toll-free number 800 334440 for further information.

Car hire for novice drivers

If you are a novice driver, Sicily by Car has a solution for your rental. You can hire a vehicle even if you are between the ages of 19 and 22. Read the information paper for renting a car as a new driver. Remember that you must have had your driving licence for at least a year and a day.

Monthly car rental

If you are looking for a car hire option that allows you to keep possession of the vehicle for a minimum of one month, our monthly rate is ideal for you! You can extend the rental up to 3 months and choose three mileage ranges: 1,500, 2,500 and 4,000 km per month.

Optional coverage

Enjoy a rental experience without worrying about anything other than exploring Sicily and breathing its millennial history. Our optional covers will protect you from every eventuality not foreseen by the standard protection included in every rental agreement.

Information on the cost of a rental car in Brescia

A car rental's cost from one of our offices in Italy is determined not only by the type of vehicle selected but also by seasonality. Precise price developments can be identified according to the period of the year chosen. In the off-peak season (October, November, January, February) the rates will be much lower than in the mid-season (December, March, April) and especially compared to the peak season (from May to September) when the costs are influenced by the increase in the demand for cars due to the significant tourist flows in the cities of art and the main Italian tourist destinations.

Period Daily price
Off peak season 10-25 €
Midseason 25-35 €
Peak season 35-50 €

The table above refers to the rental of a car in the city car segment in Brescia for a single day in the three reference periods: peak, mid and off-peak season. You can also read our tips for a well-informed rental.

Brescia perfectly represents the true soul of Lombardy: history, legends and traditions are inextricably linked to the laborious nature of its inhabitants that make it one of the main production and economic centres of Italy.

Manufacturing, textile, chemical and wine industries make this area an exceptional attraction hub of primary economic importance but also, undoubtedly, significant touristically.

The Lioness

The fact that the roar of the engines of the legendary Mille Miglia was born in Brescia is no coincidence. Once famous for its loyalty to the city of Venice, and because of this, nicknamed The Lioness, the city has a very ancient past, which is even today documented by numerous traces of Romanesque and Lombard times that have earned it UNESCO recognition.

The area of the Roman Forum

We start on our tour right from these places, a real archaeological park scattered throughout the city. In the heart of downtown, you will have the feeling of walking through ancient Rome. Everything is gathered around the monumental area of the Roman Forum, once distant from the city's main square with its portico and its shops, where the Capitolium, the Republican Sanctuary and Roman Theatre, which was unfortunately damaged by an earthquake in the fifth century, the Basilica and the Lombard monastic complex of San Salvatore-Santa Giulia all stand facing each other.

It is a fairly long hike, 14,000 square metres between sacred art and historical finds dating back to the first century AD. To name a few, the Basilica of San Salvatore, the choir of the Nuns, the church of Santa Maria in Solario, the Domus dell'Ortaglia with the Viridarium and the Cross of Desiderio.

The Castle of Brescia

The Castle of Brescia, a mediaeval fortress poised overlooking the entire city with its grandeur awaits you just after the visit. Built between the 1300s and the 1600s, the Castle is the permanent seat of the Museum of Arms and annually hosts numerous events and exhibitions plus the summer film festival.

The symbolic squares and the Church of San Francesco

Just a few steps and you will reach Piazza della Loggia, a magnificent urban area surrounded by sixteenth-century buildings including the Palazzo della Loggia. This is a Renaissance building and today is home to the municipal council located in the homonymous square. Also nearby you can admire another square and the symbol of the city: Piazza Duomo or Piazza Paolo VI. Here, spiritual and temporal power contrast in the buildings present in a triumph of architecture that extends from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance: the Broletto, Torre del Pegol plus the old and new Cathedral. In the evening, the square comes alive with youths who populate clubs and bars enlivened by music and street artists.

Also in the area, continuing along you reach Teatro Grande, one of the most important in northern Italy. The nineteenth-century building stands out for its magnificent interior, with a spectacular large room, richly frescoed and decorated plus five orders of boxes. Not to be missed is its minor stage, a small Rococo jewel where you can witness the more exclusive representations immersed in the golden stucco.

Among the numerous ancient churches to visit, we point out the Church of San Francesco, a thirteenth-century building still in perfect condition in Romanesque and Gothic styles. Here you can still breathe the typical asceticism of the monastic order and the severe and austere atmosphere of the time. Dominated by a magnificent rose window, the church's portal leads inside with a beautiful colonnade whose aisles are frescoed in the Giotto style. Do not miss a visit to the sacristy and the two adjacent cloisters.

We conclude our tour with Piazza della Vittoria and Piazza del Mercato. The first was designed in 1932 and is a perfect example of fascist architecture, where the grandeur and rigour of the forms dialogues with the bas-reliefs of the Arengario. The second dates back to the Renaissance and was destined for commercial exchanges of fabrics and merchandise. Nowadays, it is still home to a lively marketplace and cultural events.

And now, perhaps you want to relax pleasantly? We recommend the old district of Carmine, a labyrinth of tiny streets in the downtown embellished by churches, mediaeval buildings, places of great charm and excellent inns for gourmets.

Brescia's downtown is the ZTL (Limited Traffic Zone) area with mainly pedestrian access, excluding some vehicles specified on the municipality's website. Exceptions are 100% electric vehicles that can freely enter with ordinary permission. Just rent an electric car and set off to discover the city of Brescia and its surroundings onboard one of our green cars!

Car rental has been made easy and advantageous in Brescia with Sicily by Car. Book your car and rediscover the pleasure of driving on Lombard roads rich in history and breathtaking landscapes.