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Rent your car today and collect it near the central station of Bologna in the city centre. Our office in viale Pietramellara is an ideal strategic point to visit the incomparable architectural and cultural treasures of the historic centre of the capital of Emilia.

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Car rental in Bologna near the central station

If you need a car rental in Bologna, our agency is perfect for you! It is located close to the station, the main railway of the city and the convergence point of most of the railway lines in Northern Italy. We also remind you that you can find us inside the Guglielmo Marconi international airport of Bologna too.

How to reach our office

Hiring a car in Bologna is as practical and fast as ever. Just follow the signs to reach us from where you are to reach us easily.

Available vehicles

Our car rentals offer a wide range of offers ranging from the rental of small-engine utility cars that facilitate movement easily throughout the city, to luxury cars that do not go unnoticed. Our electric cars are essential to circumventing the traffic restrictions in the centre and are the pride of a company like ours that for years has focused on respecting the environment and has always looked to the future.

Furthermore, in our office, you can rent cars with automatic or manual transmission: convertible, station wagon, SUV, commercial vans and 9-seater minivans. We've got the ideal solution whether it is your work or a leisurely trip out of town.

Of course! In our office in Bologna, near the city central station, car rental is also available with a debit card. To provide our customers with a more versatile and modern service, the option with a debit card is available to - an ATM or a nominal rechargeable card equipped with a chip, IBAN and relative PIN code. Read the conditions provided.

Return of the vehicle to another office

Collecting the car at Bologna city and returning it to our offices in the Bologna airport office is possible and does not imply any extra payment. The return to any of the other offices involves a surcharge.

Office Cost
Bologna Airport (BLQ)Free
Other stationsExtra charge

Rental car for novice driver

Car hire for novice drivers is included in our rental terms and conditions. You can hire a car if you are at least 19 years old and have had a licence issued for more than a year (over one year and one day specifically).

Monthly rental

For all bookings over 26 days, our monthly rate with limited kilometres is automatically activated. This rental formula can be extended up to 3 months and, based on the model selected, you can choose different mileage ranges. Get a quote on our website now!

Optional additional services

Our goal is to provide you with fast yet quality service. We are constantly committed to satisfying any type of need and making our rental solutions more flexible. Our optional extra covers will protect you from imponderable events, mishaps not covered by our standard protection package. Read the prospectus of our additional cover!

Wise and ancient but also very young: the capital of Emilia Romagna enjoys a double soul, an expression of its absolute veracity, of the good pleasure of life but also of its noble origins that reminds a rich past, of art, and of centuries-old history.

The learned, the red, the fat: welcome to Bologna

Learned because it is the seat of an ancient university, red for its amaranth-tiled roofs, fat for its succulent cuisine: this is Bologna, a city that will welcome you with the cheerfulness and benevolence typical of the Emilian people.

The historical centre

Our tour starts from Piazza Maggiore, the heart of the city, located in the middle of the historic centre of Bologna which is one of the largest in Europe.

The space, conceived since 120 as a town meeting place and meeting point between institutions, trade and spiritual power, has a late mediaeval layout and numerous historic buildings: the Palazzo del Podestà with its long arcades full of bars and taverns; Palazzo Re Enzo, now home to major events and demonstrations, which houses a beautiful courtyard with an ancient sandstone well as well as beautiful rooms such as the Sala degli Atti and Sala Re Enzo; the Palazzo d'Accursio or Comunale, the contemporary seat of the Morandi Museum and open to visitors for its splendid rooms: the Hercules room, the Town Council room, the Farnese room and chapel.

The square in front of the Basilica of San Petronio majestically dominates, the fifth largest church in the world dedicated to the patron saint of the city. The unfinished façade is a magnificent example of mediaeval Gothic. Going up to the terrace of the basilica allows you to enjoy an extraordinary panorama of the city.

A few steps from Piazza Maggiore, you will reach the church of Santa Maria della Vita which houses one of the most beautiful sculptures in the world: the Compianto, seven terracotta statues of enormous impact, a cry of pain petrified by the art of Niccolò dell 'Arca for the dead Christ.

Nearby, in Piazza del Nettuno, we cannot overlook the sixteenth-century Fountain of Neptune, an iconic symbol of the city of Bologna as well as the Torre degli Asinelli and the Garisenda, both very old, and built for military functions.

Still visitable, reaching the Torre degli Asinelli is over 97 metres high from through 498 steps that lead to the top. The Garisenda, on the other hand, is only 48 high but owes its particularity to the slope due to the softness of the land, already famous at the time of Dante who mentioned it in his Divine Comedy.

At this point you can reach the Archiginnasio, not far away, one of the most important and historic buildings in the city, once home to one of the longest-running universities in Italy. Upon entering, you will be amazed by the beauty of the courtyard and portico enriched by splendid cross vaults. Inside you must not skip a visit to the anatomical theatre, the seventeenth-century study room of the medical faculty made entirely of wood.

You will immediately come across the most famous monumental complex in the city: the Church of San Luca, better known as the Seven Churches. It is a complex of religious buildings, initially erected on a pagan at the behest of Bishop Petronius, who gave life to an intricate ensemble of splendid and ancient mediaeval churches interconnected with crypts, courtyards, arcades, and cloisters.

The Bolognese arcades

If we have to talk about wonders, Bologna certainly has an impregnable primacy: its arcades. They extend for a total length of 38 km in the historic centre, such as to become Unesco heritage in 2021.

Born after the year 1000, the arcades offered safe shelter from the weather and the sun, and were an effective solution even from the dirt and sewage present in the street. Over the centuries, the network of Bolognese arcades has increasingly expanded, with contemporary styles at the time of construction.


In a city so rich in art, museums cannot be missing – e.g., the National Art Gallery, a former Jesuit novitiate, which collects a vast and precious collection of works of art from 1200, the MAMbo, the museum of modern art in Bologna.

The window of Via Piella

We suggest one more last gem, the Finestrella di Via Piella, a delightful window from which you will have the feeling of being teleported between the Venetian canals: here in fact a stretch of water forms a channel between the colored buildings, giving life to a picturesque and anomalous glimpse of the city.

After a well-deserved gastronomic break in one of the many excellent taverns, consider leaving on board one of our cars rented from our offices in Bologna to discover the ancient villages of the Emilia region, famous all over the world for their architectural and naturalistic beauties.

Rent your car today and collect it near the central station of Bologna in the city centre. Our office in viale Pietramellara is an ideal strategic point to visit the incomparable architectural and cultural treasures of the historic centre of the capital of Emilia.