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Rent your car in just a few simple steps at Bergamo airport. Our car rental's friendly and reliable service will be waiting for you with a car in perfect condition. Book now, even with a debit card!

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Bergamo airport car rental

Bergamo Airport, also known as Caravaggio International Airport or Milan Bergamo Airport, combined with Malpensa and Linate forms the Milanese airport system with annual traffic of almost 50 million passengers.

How to reach our office

Reaching our offices in Bergamo airport is really simple. As soon as you exit from the baggage claim doors, turn left and, inside the airport, you will find the car rental area where you will find us without any difficulty. To return the car at the end of the rental, just follow the directions to reach us from where you are, you will arrive without problems.

Available vehicles

Our car rentals offer a wide range of offers ranging from the rental of small-engine utility cars that facilitate movement easily throughout the city, to luxury cars hat do not go unnoticed. Our electric cars are essential to circumventing the traffic restrictions in the centre and are the pride of a company like ours that for years has focused on respecting the environment and has always looked to the future.

Furthermore, in our office, you can rent cars with automatic or manual transmission: convertible, station wagon, SUV, commercial vans and 9-seater minivans. We've got the ideal solution whether it is your work or a leisurely trip out of town

To rent a car, a credit card in the driver of the vehicle's name is normally required, but if you don't have one, Sicily by Car still allows you to rent! Before collecting your vehicle, read our information paper.

Monthly rental

If a short-term rental is inadequate and you are looking for one that can be extended up to 3 months, our monthly limited mileage solution might be right for you. Check the available models now, make an online quote request! Monthly rates are activated for bookings over 26 days.

Additional services

To add comfort to your driving experience, you can choose additional optional accessories and covers for the vehicle in this office. Evaluate you the purchase well, and travel easy aboard our cars!

Return after hours

You can safely return the vehicle after the closing time of our car rental agency and choose your return flight even late at night. All you have to do is park your rental car in one of our free stalls and then put the key and copy of the rental agreement in the key box set up for this purpose.

Car rental is a complex product and the price for renting a car in Bergamo is affected by many variables, including seasonality and the type of vehicle requested.

You might find it useful to start reading our tips for an informed rental decision. However, we would also like to give you some useful price indications to help you direct better.

Take for example the rental of a small car for a single day, with a vehicle category that falls into group B. In the off-peak season, in October/November and January/February, the cost of the rental starts from a minimum of € 10 per a maximum of 25 €. In midseason (December, March, April) from € 20 to € 35. May to September is the peak season and the cost is between € 35 and € 50.

Period Price
Off-peak season 10-25 €
Midseason 25-35 €
Peak season 35-50 €

Visiting Bergamo means coming into contact with the most authentic and ancient Lombardy, where the atmosphere of Manzoni is relieved before your eyes in the beauty of the upper town and the unspoiled nature of the nearby Alps.

Bergamo city

We start from the upper town, a precious jewel set between the lake and the mountains which can be reached by cable car, in itself a spectacular journey to admire the Alps and the city walls from above.

'Berghem de sura' (as it is called in dialect) already developed in the Romanesque age and expanded in the late Middle Ages until its full growth in the Renaissance period.

History, art and culture have been intertwined since those times giving life to an urban context that is still intact and enchanting today. Start from Piazza Vecchia and look around: between the silence and tranquillity of the place stands the eighteenth-century Contarini fountain in the centre and around it an embroidery of palaces. First of all Palazzo della Ragione, ating back to 1100 is the oldest municipal seat of Lombardy which boasts the Sala delle Capriate on the first floor and the frescoes by Bramante and then Palazzo Nuovo with the Angelo Mai library which preserves books and precious writings among the most important in Italy.

The symbol of the city is the Campanone, next to the Palazzo del Podestà, which stands on the square and which traditionally tolls the sound of its bells 100 times every evening.

Passing under the square's arcades, one looks onto Piazza Duomo, the emblem of ecclesiastical power strongly represented by the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore.

Built in 1137 as a votive gift for the plague epidemic, it amazes the visitor for its grandeur and the spectacular side doors that adorn it. Here, you can also find the tomb of Gaetano Donizetti, an illustrious citizen of Bergamo.

One curiosity: Piazza Duomo was not only the fulcrum of episcopal life, but trade also took place here and even today the walls of the square show the units of measurement useful for cloth merchants.

Next to the church stands the sixteenth-century and very famous Colleoni Chapel, enriched by the wonderful frescoes by Tiepolo. A walk among the ancient fortification walls still perfectly preserved and then go down to the city 'de sota', for a shopping tour and a visit, a must, to the Accademia Carrara where 1793 paintings by Raphael, Titian, Pinturicchio, Mantegna, Tiepolo, Rubens await you: an unparalleled enjoyment for the eyes and soul of every visitor!

Outside the city

Just 20 km from Bergamo there is a UNESCO heritage site, absolutely unique in type and function: it is the Crespi-d'Adda Village, an incredible late-nineteenth-century testimony of entrepreneurial enlightenment.

In this place, you will experience the thrill of living in a time as "new inhabitants" of the largest site of industrial archaeology in the world!

An entire village of houses, with a school, church, laundry room, theatre, hospital, general store and even a fire brigade building. Just think, even today the village is inhabited by the descendants of the ancient Crespi cotton mill who populate it, clearly claiming its origins and its socio-cultural identity.

You are in Franciacorta, home of wineries and fine DOCG bubbles, a place where going for wine is a tribute to the land and its skilled producers.

You can sample directly from the barrels and also visit lago d'Iseo, a sought-after destination for peace, quiet, beauty and good food or immerse yourself in the nature of the Orobie Alps where, with a little luck, you will meet the local fauna by climbing among the mountains.

And if you are interested in the mountains, then here you will find the best you can imagine: Santa Caterina, the Tonale pass, Ponte di Legno, Livigno. Snow-covered landscapes in winter and splendidly blooming in summer, a natural paradise where you can get lost between a ski descent and a steaming polenta, taking refuge in a hut.

The ZTL in Bergamo

Bergamo has a ZTL (Limited Traffic Zone) in the upper part of the city. Here, access to cars is limited only on certain days and times. The lower part of the city, on the other hand, is accessible to everyone.

If you rent an electric or hybrid car you can enjoy free parking in the parking areas. In any case, for detailed information, we recommend that you read the website of the Municipality of Bergamo.

Rent your car in just a few simple steps at Bergamo airport. Our car rental's friendly and reliable service will be waiting for you with a car in perfect condition. Book now, even with a debit card!