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How can you visit the countless attractions of a city whose origins are lost in history, if not onboard a rental car? Sicily by Car is your ideal short-term car rental in Perugia. Choose our office near the train station, book now!

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Rental car in Perugia next the central station

Looking for a Car rental in Perugia City? You are in the right place. You can discover the city, on board of a Sicily by Car vehicle, all its beauties around, easily and safe.

How to reach our office

The central station, called Fontivegge, takes its name from the same borough, it's the main one in Umbria for passenger traffic and it's just 3 kms from the historical centre. It is a strategic point to start off a visit in the main Umbria city. Our office of rental car is in via Settevalli, just off Perugia railway station.

Available vehicles

To rent a car in Perugia, you will be spoiled for choice! Hire the car of your plans choosing from the various models of the Sicily by Car fleet: city cars, SUVs, luxury cars, convertibles, spacious 9-seater minivans but also commercial vans. We update our fleet every year and you will also have a wide choice of vehicles with automatic transmission. We also offer 100% electric mobility solutions, so you can travel while respecting the environment with a fully electric car. With electric vehicles the recharge in our offices is included in the rental cost!

If you wish to hire a vehicle, you will need a credit card in the main driver's name. Sicily by Car still offers you the possibility to rent even without a credit card! Read the specific conditions dedicated to this rental formula and collect your car in Perugia central station.

Return of the vehicle to another office

You can pick up your car in the city centre and deliver it to our airport office without paying any extra costs. The return in the airport is free! If, on the other hand, you have to return to another city, a surcharge will be applied.

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Perugia Airport (PEG)Free
Other stationsExtra charge

Car rental for novice drivers

If you are between 19 and 22 (with a driving licence obtained for at least a year and a day) you can rent with an additional daily cost. From the age of 23, there is no surcharge but only some limitations on vehicles. From the age of 25, you can choose other car groups from our fleet. At 30, you can also drive luxury vehicles. Read the complete information paper.

Monthly rental

If you are looking for a car hire option that allows you to keep possession of the vehicle for a minimum of one month, our monthly rate is ideal for you! You can extend the rental up to 3 months and choose three mileage ranges: 1,500, 2,500 and 4,000 km per month.

Optional services

Enjoy a rental experience without worrying about anything other than exploring Sicily and breathing its millennial history. Our optional covers will protect you from every eventuality not foreseen by the standard protection included in every rental agreement.

The capital of Umbria, Perugia is a small city that perfectly reflects the atmosphere of the entire region: peace, tranquillity and beauty that certainly contribute to an extraordinary quality of life.

The human scale city preserves the testimonies of its past and its particular splendour from the late Middle Ages, which has made the city famous.

The downtown

The fulcrum of Perugia is its main square, Piazza IV Novembre, which houses the monument symbol of the Perugians i.e. Fontana Maggiore in the centre, erected at the end of 1200 as a symbol of the history of the city and the life of its inhabitants.

On the 50 tiles that make up the three circular tanks, the mythological origins of the city are illustrated with the calendar of agricultural trades of the mediaeval era, the liberal arts and the symbols of the city.

As a backdrop to the fountain stands the Cathedral of Perugia, better known as the Cathedral of San Lorenzo. The building is an extraordinary example of artistic contamination between late Gothic architecture, typical of the interior, with Renaissance and Baroque art that distinguishes the beautiful façade and the portico that overlooks the square. But what is most surprising about the Cathedral is a very special reliquary, called the Holy Ring which, according to legend, preserves the ring that St. Joseph gave to Our Lady on the wedding day.

Not too far from the Duomo, you can visit an ancient Etruscan well, or Pozzo Sorbello, named after its current owners. It is a gigantic work of absolutely fascinating hydraulic engineering not only for its size and features but because it can be visited internally thanks to a system of stairs that leads to its bottom of 37 metres underground.

Staying on the subject of hydraulics, you must definitely take a walk on the ancient aqueduct of Perugia, active until 1850, and today converted into a suspended street among the colourful buildings of the historic centre, from here you can enjoy a panorama certainly unprecedented.

For art lovers, the National Gallery of Umbria, located in Palazzo dei Priori, is worth a visit, with its collection of works of art - the richest in the region - starting from the eighth century.

The majestic and imposing palace is a spectacular example of mediaeval architecture, perfectly preserved and of enormous scenic impact on the square it overlooks.

Also in the city, you can visit the Rocca Paolina, a small ancient village within Perugia, which hosts in its narrow streets and picturesque alleys exhibitions, markets and events of great flavour and charm.


There is an ancient brand for which the city has a national primacy: Perugina, which produces the chocolate that finds its apotheosis in the Historical Museum of Perugina. Here you can learn all the secrets of the food of the Gods and, at the end of the journey, enjoy a sublime tasting among the many varieties proposed.

Umbria Jazz

How could we not mention Umbria jazz? The most important musical event dedicated to the genre of international importance is where the greatest jazz musicians in the world gather every July in Perugia in a festival that unfolds and embraces the entire city.

How can you visit the countless attractions of a city whose origins are lost in history, if not onboard a rental car? Sicily by Car is your ideal short-term car rental in Perugia. Choose our office near the train station, book now!