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Electric vehicle rental

The environmental commitment of Sicily by Car, one of the first car rentals to offer electric vehicles, places the customer at the centre of all its strategies. The constant renewal of our offer of electric vehicles is for safe and eco-sustainable mobility.

The advantages of 100% electric vehicles

Renting a full-electric car is extremely advantageous, especially for short or city trips. The classic example of use is a travel itinerary that plans to visit the historic centre of one of Italy's cities of art, with short trips outside the city not far from your starting point.

In these circumstances, the full-electric rental, in addition to giving you the satisfaction of having driven a brilliant and silent vehicle with zero CO2 emissions, will allow you to get the most out of your money.

Electric vehicles can enter the restricted traffic areas of Italian cities freely and, depending on the municipality, they also benefit from free parking or enjoy substantial discounts. You will save entrance tickets in restricted traffic areas and avoid incurring unpleasant fines later on.

But that's not all! Car recharging at our stations in Italy equipped with a column or at the Enel X recharging points is completely free and, in any case, you will not be obliged to return it with a 100% charge. You will have more than one reason to evaluate a green solution, let's list them:

  1. zero carbon dioxide emissions;
  2. zero noise pollution;
  3. pleasant and brilliant driving in city traffic;
  4. the certainty of driving the latest generation vehicle with the most advanced technological standards;
  5. free access to the ZTL;
  6. free parking in the ZTL (depending on the Italian municipality);
  7. free recharge at our stations or Enel X points.

What you need to know when renting an electric vehicle

There are a couple of recommendations that are good to keep in mind when opting for green rental.


The vehicle must be returned, during the opening hours of the collection office without exception. You can also return it to another office within the same city as long as it is equipped with a column. For example, you may pick up the vehicle at Palermo airport and drop it off at one of our offices in the city centre. Check which of our stations are enabled for green rental.

Territorial scope

Driving electric cars outside the Italian borders is prohibited.

Can I rent an electric vehicle with a debit card?

Certainly. Don't forget to read the information on car rental with a debit card.

Can I rent an electric car for a monthly fee?

Yes, the rental is foreseen to include 1,500 kilometres per month (30 days). Just like for short-term rental, the cost of recharging is included and there is no obligation to return the vehicle with a full charge.

Do you have electric vans in your fleet?

Yes, the Maxus eDeliver 3 was recently added. You can find it at our offices in Milan, Rome and Palermo.

Contact us

Read our rental conditions. Get a quote online and don't hesitate to contact us at our free number 800 334440 (+39 091 6390111 from abroad).

Short-term or monthly rental of car and commercial vans. Book online and pick up your vehicle in one of our offices in all over Italy. Even without a credit card!