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Our hygiene and safety measures

We are fully aware that the quality of our service depends not only on the convenience of our rates but also on our staff's professionalism and constant training. For this reason, especially in this pandemic period, we have never stopped making our collaborators aware of the implementation of the most rigorous operational protocols aimed at the sanitation of our cars and workplaces.

Zero-contact rental

We have implemented our zero-contact rental policy in all our offices, which is focused on three points.

  • The strict procedure of distancing with the customer in all phases of the rental.
  • Thorough sanitation of the vehicle between one rental and another.
  • Cleaning and sanitation of work environments.


The keyword is prevention and concerns all those measures that we are now used to seeing put into practice in all commercial establishments. In our offices, you can find alcohol-based disinfectant gel accompanied by instructions for use and barriers used in each station.

The vertical signs and reminders placed in the points of greatest visibility will help you to keep the distance not only with our staff but also with other customers, to avoid any risk of gathering.

Our staff has been trained and is made aware of the use of personal protective equipment, frequent hand washing and follows a procedure that minimises any close interaction with the customer. All staff are asked to promptly report their state of health and to stay at home in the event of suspicious symptoms.

Car sanitisation

Hygiene is the keyword.Car cleaning has always been a staple of our operations, however, the hygiene and sanitation of the vehicle, after the return of the car and before the next rental, has been significantly intensified.

Great attention is paid to cleaning the car's high-risk parts because they are subject to greater contact: the steering wheel, the gearstick and the internal and external door handles. Particular attention is also paid to sanitising the dashboard, control panel and seats.

Car sanitisation

We have also taken a further step forward in the sanitation of workplaces. The premises are always carefully ventilated and, at the end of the day, our internal procedure provides for a meticulous cleaning that precedes the subsequent reopening.

Flexibility during the rental

If you cannot return your rental vehicle because you test positive for Covid, communicate who can do it for you and send us their documents. The vehicle will undergo a period of quarantine.

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