Milazzo Harbor

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Milazzo Harbor

98057 - Via Tindaro La Rosa, 24
Milazzo is a town in the city of Messina in Sicily, known above all for the port from which about 80% of the boats bound for the Aeolian Islands depart, but the things to see are really different.

What to see

By renting a car at the 'Sicily by Car', you could also find the electric one, and start a nice tour of the city.

The starting point of every Milazzo itinerary is certainly its seafront which starting from the port, reaches the ancient village of Vaccarella. Along the Marina Garibaldi promenade you will meet, in order, Municipal Palace, the Statue of Liberty and the Palazzo d'Amico. Your walk will stop when you arrive in the area dedicated to the small port reserved for fishermen's boats. Here, if you wish, you can also stop and eat the traditional coffee granita with cream at Bar Washington.

The Borgo or The fortified city is the most characteristic and symbolic area of Milazzo. My advice is to take some time to walk its alleys and admire its beauty. The places not to be missed are the Duomo Antico di Santa Maria Assunta, the Sanctuary of San Francesco da Paola.

The most important monument of Milazzo is certainly the Castle of Frederick II, also known as the Fortified Citadel of Milazzo. With its area of about 7 hectares this complex is the largest in the region of Sicily and one of the most impressive in Europe. The castle stands on a rocky outcrop, surrounded by the sea on both sides. Once you have crossed the Spanish walls, inside you will find signs of many different cultures. In this citadel passed - in scattered order - Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Arabs.

The Capo is the most extreme point of the peninsula of Milazzo. The first point of interest is reached by descending a pink staircase that will take you to the Sanctuary of Sant'Antonio, also with pink walls. This is the most panoramic point of the city. The sanctuary is carved into the rock and dates back to 1221. The second point of interest is the 'Faro' of Capo Milazzo, reachable along an uphill path. From here you can admire unforgettable sunsets. The third point of interest is the 'Piscine di Venere' is a stretch of sea accessible through a descent of about 15 minutes. The walk is an exceptional experience because it will allow you to connect with nature and meet various species of plants and flowers. The Piscine di Venere is a natural lake, which is filled with high tide, in which you can swim. For lovers of diving excursions, the area has a wide variety of underwater fauna and flora; such as posidonia, an aquatic plant that lives only in pure waters.

The beaches of Milazzo

The Riviera di Ponente is certainly the most popular area of Milazzo The beach is formed by white pebbles and from where you can admire spectacular sunsets.
The Bay of Tono is located at the end of the beach of Ponente, where there are the ruins of the ancient traps of Milazzo. The bar that I want to recommend is called Tonnara.
The beach of Levante is much smaller than the Riviera di Ponente. The most famous bathing area is called Croce di Mare. In this beach we find sand mixed with pebbles and some rocks where you can still sit and relax.
The Rinella Beach a hidden place, difficult to reach and know. Its strengths are a small sandy beach and the front view of the Aeolian Islands.


The nightclubs of Milazzo are located in the Borgo Antico, on the beautiful promenade and close to the beaches where there are lounge bars, beach clubs and pubs that organize happy hours at sunset, evenings and events with live music and DJ sets. The same goes for the many restaurants, pizzerias and much more


Among the most important festivals we have that of the patron Saint Stefano the first Sunday of September. On May 5 Feast of Saint Francis Da Paola Compatrono and guardian of the City. August the Fresh Fish Festival in the seaside village of Vaccarella. Tasting of fresh fish accompanied by excellent wine Always in August the Traditional Festival of Eggplant in Santa Marina, fraction of Milazzo. Tastings of tasty dishes, shows and National Folklore Festival

Tour near Milazzo

Milazzo is an excellent departure point for the discovery of many tourist attractions, first of all the Aeolian Islands. From the city you can visit both Vulcano Island and Lipari Island. Or even organized mini-cruises Panarea and Stromboli. Just over an hour from Milazzo you will also find Taormina, Finally we recommend a trip out of town to Tindari, in the Gulf of Patti. Here you can admire the famous Sanctuary of the Black Madonna and the Greek theater, where every year the Festival of the “Due Mari”and of course you have to visite the Natural Reserve of Marinello

How to arrive to Milazzo

By bus:
Numerous bus lines connect the city of Milazzo with the nearby city of Messina and with the main tourist resorts of Sicily,

By train:
The city is served by Trenitalia and is located along all the main railway lines of the south and east-west. The station is a 15-minute walk from the Sicily by car office and a 30-minute walk from the centre.

By Ship:
Milazzo is connected to the main maritime cities thanks to the different companies that offer the maritime transport service

By plane:
Finally, the nearest airports are: Reggio Calabria Airport Catania Fontanarossa Airport Palermo Falcone-Borsellino Airport


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